Today’s Music Guide: Thursday

We kick off the first day of Tinderbox 2023 with lots of music, and although you have probably already made up your mind about what you are going to hear, we will guide you through today’s program here, so you can be sure you won’t miss out.


Tinderbox 2023 kicks off on the Tent Stage at 14.00 to the tunes of one of the country’s most exciting new pop artists – the singer and songwriter Pil. She broke through with songs like “Nattely”, “Omvendt” feat. Andreas Odbjerg and “Dronning af Månen” and also visited the Danes in their living rooms when she sang a duet with the winning duo, ROSÉL, in the Danish X-Factor final.

And from a new star on the Danish pop scene, to one who has sparkled for years: Christopher is ready at 15.15 on Red Stage with his hit parade of a back catalog and his unquenchable performance gene.

At 4.45 pm, two fantastic artists will play in the form of the hit duo Phlake on Blue Stage and the up-and-coming pop singer eee gee on the Tent Stage. While Phlake has seduced the whole country with delicious R&B productions for a number of years, eee gee has stormed onto the Danish scene with her timeless pop, which should make any Lana Del Rey fan weak in the knees.

Zar Paulo replace Jada on Red Stage at 18.15 with a show for which they have recently been praised to the skies. As recently as the beginning of the month, they occupied the biggest stage at the Aarhus festival NorthSide, after which they were called “Denmark’s new big pop group” by Jyllands-Posten.

An evening with explosive Danish rap, a budding international pop star, music that bites and three of the country’s biggest acts

When the evening really sets in at 19.45, it’s Danish rap of the highest rank with the exclusive combination of Artigeardit x Lamin, who ask: “Where the fuck is my drink?” on Blue Stage. If you’re more into pop, one of England’s biggest new shooting stars is ready on the Tent Stage. It is none other than Mimi Webb, who has had massive hits with singles such as “Good Without”, “House On Fire” and is currently very popular with the smash hit “Red Flags”.

If you love Danish music and have a tender heart for good pop songs, then we probably don’t need to remind you that Tobias Rahim is ready on Red Stage at 21.00. Surely he is by nature the biggest new pop phenomenon we have here?

If you want some music that will bite, then you must arrive at the Tent Stage by 22.45. Here, Simon Kvamm and the rest of Hugorm are ready with their rather wild music and equally wild concert format.

And speaking of wild concert format, you won’t get a more loved and acclaimed live band than The Minds of 99, who will also take over Blue Stage at 22.45 and offer up sing-alongs and hits galore.

Last but not least, Lukas Graham returns to Tusindårsskoven when the Danish hit group overturns Red Stage at 00:15. They took Soundvenue’s reviewer by surprise when they played at NorthSide quite recently, and I wonder if they will also take you by surprise when the first day of Tinderbox comes to an end? We feel quite convinced of that…

Groove and magicbox

Of course, we haven’t forgotten all the musical delights that take place at Groovebox and Magicbox today.

Thursday at Magicbox is something different than usual. We’ve given the reins to Tinderbox veterans TooManyLeftHands, who have curated a strong lineup and who themselves will be behind the desk all day. They have handpicked Danish and international stars such as Rune Rask, Oliver Ingrosso, Kato and Tujamo – to name a few. See the full lineup here. It can only be good!

At Groovebox, after a day with comedy and retro DJ sets, you can look forward to 22.00 o’clock, when the turntable is taken over by Basshunter himself – yes, the one who gave us “Boten Anna” – one of the most iconic hits of the 00s.

Good night and thank you for today

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow and doing it all again!