TErms and conditions

Terms and conditions are a framework that will help making sure that we all are having a great Festival – together

You do not have to see this as an accusing finger, but as a guideline to make it easier to follow the rules and be able to make room for each and everyone.

Make sure that you have understood and read the following terms and conditions as volunteer at our Festival:

age – i promise

– that I am 18 years old, when I register as a volunteer.

Ask, shift and information – i understand that:

– it is my own responsibility to find relevant information in Ruby about the festival and check my e-mail.

– I have to read, agree, and understand the description and requirements of the task I choose before accepting the team.

– I have to show up to all my shifts as I agreed to.

– It is my own responsibility to be ready when the shift starts and be here on time.

Resign and contact – I understand that:

– I have to comply with the resign deadline the 6th of June, and that my registration as volunteer is binding after this date.

– I have to resign myself at my profile in Ruby before the resign deadline the 15th of May

– If I have to resign efter the resign deadline the 6th of June, I have to do it through my contact person. I can find the information in Ruby under “My Teams”.

–If I have to cancel a shift and there is less than two days until my shift, it is necessary to call my contact person. If my contact is not answering I have to send a message. My cancellation is not approved until I have received a conformation from my contact person.

– If I am getting sick or something unpredictable happens, I have to notice my contact person as quick as possible. This has to be a via a phone call.

– In special cases the Festival can require a medical certificate. I have to p ay the expenses myself at first but it can be refunded by the Festival if I can e-mail the receipt to volunteer@tinderbox.dk

Deposit, fee and blacklisting – I understand that:

– When I register I have to pay a deposit of 300 DKK. I will get the deposit back after the Festival of I have attended my shifts and followed the terms and conditions.

– In case of resign after the resign deadline I will lose my deposit of
300 DKK – this will happen no matter the circumstances for my cancellation.

– It can be demanded that I have to pay a fee at 2.700 DKK beside my deposit if I do not attend my shift shift without a cancellation or a serious violation according to the terms and conditions. In this case I can also be blacklisted as a volunteer in 2 years.

– If I have to resign but already received my my wristband with access to the Festival, I have to send an e-mail to volunteer@tinderbox.dk. In this e-mail I should attach a photo containing my wristband that has been taken off. The e-mail needs to have the subject “clipped wristband”. If this does not, I can be demanded a fee at 2.700 DKK and lose my deposit

Criminal record – i understand that:

– Tinderbox is allowed to gather information and handle my criminal record, if it is relevant for the task I choose.

Psychedelic drugs, alcohol, and violence – i understand that:

– The usage of drugs and selling drugs are forbidden at the Festival all the time. If I experience usage or see people selling drugs, I need to notice my contact person or security as quick as possible.

– I am not allowed to show up to my shift drunk or to drink alcohol during my shift.

– I am not allowed to give anything away for free from bars/stands at the Festival. To hand out free things such as beer or food and cheating with change will be considered as theft and will be reported to the police.

– I am not allowed to bring my own beverage – it includes beverage with or without alcohol. Which means that it also includes water – I can get water at the water stations around the location with the water bottled I received.

– Fighting, threats, and similar are not accepted at the Festival.

Violating and/or inappropriate behavior – i understand that:

– Violating – among racism, homophobic or sexual – behavior or/and statements are NOT in any way accepted at the Festival

– If I experience violating or/and inappropriate behavior I can notice my contact person or security. This also includes if I feel uncomfortable as a volunteer. However, I can also contact the employees in the Volunteer Lounge or give an anonymous note in the mailbox in the Volunteer Lounge.

Valuables – i understand that:

– The Festival makes occupational injury insurance. It is my own responsibility to inform my contact person If I should experience an Injury.

– My valuables are not covered by the Festival. It is my own responsibility if I bring my computer, phone, or something valuable.

Press and artists

– I am not allowed to bring recording devices, cameras, or professional photo devices without permission.

– It is forbidden to take pictures or videos, ask for autographs or make contact with the different artists. I respect the artists personal life.

– All communication with the press will go through the management. Therefor I am not allowed to talk to the press about the Festival or on behalf of the Festival. If the press contacts me, I will give them the e-mail presse@annenikolajsen

Photography, drones and video surveillance – i understant that:

– The Festival has its own photographers who take pictures of volunteers and guests. The purpose of these pictures is to use them on social medias and the website.

– As a volunteer I have the possibility to report pictures where I can identify myself and get them erased if I want to.

– I will experience periods during the Festival where drones will be flying around the location. These drones are approved, and they follow guidelines. The pictures they take are overview and atmosphere pictures. These pictures will be used to optimize the logistics and contents to marketing and the Festival.

In addition to above terms and conditions, it is expected that you of course follow normal terms for good behavior and regulations from the security staff – they are here to take care of us all and secure that the Festival will be fantastic.