• Thursday
  • 15:15 – 16:30
  • Red Stage

It’s hard finding a Dane who doesn’t know a Christopher-song or 10… 

Since the release of his debut album Colours in 2012, pop lovers all over the country has followed a young guy becoming a man and through his music been part of that journey. It’s given us a string of hits and taken us through all the emotions, a young man can possibly feel. 

From songs like “Nothing in Common” and “Against the Odds” to “Told You So” and “Fall So Hard”, Christopher has made one thing clear: He knows what good pop songs are made of and he knows how to write lyrics that people understand and resonate with.  

Recently, Christopher has also made a name for himself in Asia after releasing the duet “Bad Boy” with K-pop icon Chungha. A song that’s now racked up more than 24 million streams on Spotify.

Not only is Christopher a brilliant songwriter. He’s also a beloved and much-experience live act known for his high energy performances and down-to-earth presence on a stage.

Don’t miss out on one of Denmark’s biggest pop stars, when Christopher plays Tinderbox!