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food and drinks
Allergies and special needs

If you are suffering from allergies or have other special needs that can be a challenge during the festival, it is allowed to bring some food and drinks to the festival area.

If you cannot consume the food offered on the site for health reasons, there must be evidence of this in the form of a medical certificate to be displayed at the entrance.

If you have young children and need to bring baby food or similar, this is also allowed.

If you have any questions, please contact us at and describe your needs and we’ll find a solution!

nice to know

Children and adolescents are very welcome at Tinderbox, and there is no charge for children under the age of 12 years old, accompanied by a paying adult. There are no discount tickets available for students or adolescents. Children under 15 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. For security reasons, we do not recommend staying at the festival area with small children after 8 p.m.

Contact Us

Reach us at:

or +45 70 20 26 22
Phones are open Monday-Thursday from 1PM – 4PM and Friday from 1PM – 3PM

For questions about volunteering at Tinderbox 2016 write to:


Sign up as a volunteer at Tinderbox 2018 at

To be a volunteer at Tinderbox, you must:

– be 18 years of age before June 1st 2018

– be able to enter a Danish social security number or a passport number

– have a valid work permit/residence permit, if you are not a citizen in EU/EEA, Switzerland or Scandinavia.

– be able to upload a picture of yourself


As a volunteer at Tinderbox, your privileges are:

Acess Pass for all three days at NorthSide 2018

Access to our volunteer area – Volunteer Hub, where there is a bar with reduced prices on beer and complimentary coffee/tea

Meals during your shifts

T-shirt and a water bottle


Please like our Facebook page for volunteers, which is updated regularly.


We are looking forward to seeing you in “Tusindårsskoven”!


Questions regarding volunteering


If you are already a volunteer and have questions about your team, shifts, the roster, shifts together with friends etc., please contact your coordinator/teamleader.

At “my teams” in RUBY, you will find your teamleader’s contact information.


If you are experiencing technical problems with our volunteer system RUBY, please contact our support at with a screenshot of your problem and an explanation. Then we will try to solve your problem asap.


If you have questions about being a volunteer or other general requests, please contact us at


Before you kan sign up as a Tinderbox volunteer, you have to make a deposit of 300 kr. Note that the 300 kr. is only a deposit, meaning that you will of course get them back as long as you show up for your shits, and comply with the Rules of Engagement.

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

Unfortunately we are experiencing that some volunteers do not show up for their shifts, even though they have agreed upon helping Tinderbox for a free ticket and other volunteer benefits. Their absence affects the other volunteers who showed up as promised since their workload is increased. Furthermore we spend a lot of time recruiting new volunteers for the assignment where we all of a sudden are not able to deliver the promised workforce. We hope that a deposit will help decrease these problems and make it a better experience to be a volunteer for everyone.

When will I get my deposit back?

If you show up on all your shifts, execute the agreed upon work tasks and oblige with our Rules of Engagement, you will of course get your deposit back after the festival. We will wire the money to the account you provided during your signup at latest Wednesday August 1st.

How can I risk losing my deposit?

After our deadline of cancellation, your signup is binding and you will lose your deposit if you withdraw your application after this date. This is no matter what reason is behind your withdrawal. Read our Rules of Engagement and/or see “DEADLINE OF CANCELLATION / MANDATORY REGISTRATION” below

If you fail to show up for your shift, and/or in any way violate our Rules of engagement, you will lose your deposit. Furthermore you will receive a fee of 2.700 kr. and lose the opportunity to volunteer at NorthSide again.

Will I lose my deposit if I withdraw before the deadline of cancelation?

No, you will get your full deposit back if you withdraw before the deadline of cancelation. Your deadline of cancelation depends on your period of effort. You can see when your deadline of cancelation is under “DEADLINE OF CANCELLATION / MANDATORY REGISTRATION” below.


I execute my volunteer work as agreed upon?

-You will get a full refund of your 300 kr. after the festival.

I withdraw before the deadline of cancelation?

-You will get a full refund of your 300 kr. – No matter the reasoning behind.

I withdraw before the festival, but after the deadline of cancelation?

-You will lose your deposit of 300 kr. – No matter the reasoning behind.

I am suddenly unable to tend to my shift and contact my coordinator before my shift starts, I then send a picture of my cut off wristband?

-You will lose you deposit of 300 kr. Depending on reasoning behind and time you risk getting a fee of 2.700 kr. and blacklisting as a volunteer.

I am suddenly unable to tend to my shift and contact my coordinator before my shift starts, but I do not send a picture of my cut off wristband and/or have a valid reasoning behind?

-You will lose your deposit of 300 kr. be given the fee of 2.700 kr. and will be blacklisted as a volunteer.

I only show up for my first shift and/or leave my shift without approval from my teamleader/coordinator?

-You will lose your deposit of 300 kr. be given the fee of 2.700 kr. and will be blacklisted as a volunteer.

I show up drunk or drink alcohol during my shift?

-You will lose your deposit of 300 kr. be given the fee of 2.700 kr. and will be blacklisted as a volunteer.

I somehow violate one or multiple of the festivals Rules of engagement, which I have read?

-You will lose your deposit of 300 kr. be given the fee of 2.700 kr. and will be blacklisted as a volunteer.

I somehow violate one or multiple of the festivals Rules of engagement, which I have not read?

-You are obliged to inform yourself about all our Rules of engagement, you will therefore lose your deposit of 300 kr. be given the fee of 2.700 kr. and will be blacklisted as a volunteer.



I am 18 years of age before June 1st 2018



 If I volunteer before or after Tinderbox I will have a minimum of 24 hours of effort

 If I volunteer during Tinderbox I will have a minimum of 16 hours of effort

 My hours of effort will most likely will be distributed over more than one day. If it will be any different, my volunteer coordinator or/and team leader will make sure to inform me.

 I have to log into RUBY and approve my shifts before June 15th, if i fail to do so, Tinderbox has the right to deregister me and put me on the blacklist.

NOTICE! If your coordinator/teamleader has given you the option to either choose or wish for shifts directly in RUBY, you will automatically accept your roster in the process of either selecting shifts or wishing for shifts. You NEED TO log in and check your shifts again subsequently, especially if you have wished for shifts, since there can be changes, or you can be assigned shifts, you didn’t wish for. If you can’t accept an assigned shift you didn’t pick or wish for, you will have to contact your coordinator/teamleader.

 If my teamleader has activated shift swap, i can swap shifts on my own initiative and responsibility.



 During all my shifts I will wear my Tinderbox volunteer T-shirt

 When off duty I will NOT wear my Tinderbox volunteer T-shirt



 The deadline for deregistration is June 1st 2018. for shifts before and/or after the festival. Here on after my application will be binding. More on deadline of cancellation HERE

 The deadline for deregistration is June 15th 2018. for shifts before during the festival. Here on after my application will be binding. More on deadline of cancellation HERE

 Tinderbox may contact me through mail, phone and SMS.

I may not miss a shift without having talked to my volunteer coordinator or/and team leader first. This must be through phone if there is less than 48 hours to my shift.

I have to show up a minimum of 15 minutes prior to my shift, unless my volunteer coordinator or/and team leader has requested something else.

I promise to give immediate notice to my volunteer coordinator and/or team leader should emergencies/sudden sickness or other unpredictable circumstances suddenly occur. This must be through phone.

 Under special circumstances Tinderbox may demand a medical report from my doctor. I will have to pay the fee, but will be reimbursed by NorthSide.

 In case of absence, late cancellations or breach of Tinderbox’ Rules of Engagement, we reserve the right to blacklist you, cut/block your wristband and/or charge you a fee of  DKK 2.700.

 That if I have received my wristband but cancel my shift(s) or breach Rules of Engagement I am oblicated to cut of my wristband, and send a photo of it to my volunteer coordinator /team leader as documentation.



I Before i can sign up as a volunteer, have to pay a deposit of 300 kr. I will receive the full deposit back after the festival as long as do the promised work and comply with the rules of engagement.

That i in case of cancellation after the deadline of cancellation will lose my deposit of 300 kr. – no matter what my reason for cancelling is.

That I in case of absence or other breaches of the rules of engagement will lose my deposit of 300 kr. and risks being charged a fee of 2.700 kr. and can be blacklisted as a volunteer at Tinderbox for 3 years.

That if I cancel as a volunteer, but have already received my wristband, i will have to send a picture of my cut of wristband to my coordinator/teamleader as documentation. If I fail to do so, Tinderbox has to right to keep my deposit and charge me a fee of 2.700 kr. 

You can read more about deposit, fee & blacklisting HERE



 Trading and using drugs is strictly forbidden. Do I discover usage or distribution of drugs I promise to immediately contact my volunteer coordinator/team leader or someone from the security staff.

 It is strictly forbidden to show up drunk for a shift just as it is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol during my shift.

 Giveaways from our food/beverage stands and tampering with change is strictly forbidden at Tinderbox, and will be looked upon as stealing, and will be reported to the police.

It is strictly forbidden to bring my own beverages. Both beverages with and without alcohol. This includes water, which is available at the festival site at water-posts where you can re-fill your water-bottle.

Fighting, threatning and the likes is not accepted at Tinderbox.



 Valuables brought to Tinderbox are my own responsibility.

All volunteers at Tinderbox are insured through the regulatory workers insurance. This covers personal injury, but not personal things. You are responsible for your own things at Tinderbox such as for example your computer or phone.



 Unless you have a special permit, bringing audio and video recorders, SLR cameras and professional photo equipment to Tinderbox is strictly forbidden. However, small digital cameras (pocket size) and cellular phones are allowed.

Taking photos of the artists, asking for autographs or contacting them in any way is strictly forbidden. Please respect the artist’s privacy and personal space.

All communication with the press is strictly forbidden. I may not talk to the press about Tinderbox or on behalf of Tinderbox. Instead I refer to ”Press Zone”.



 Tinderbox has photographers on site, who will photograph both the guests and volunteers, with the purpose to publish the photographs on, the Tinderbox and Frivillig på Tinderbox Facebook-pages and Instagram. I as a volunteer has the opportunity to give my consent, that Tinderbox can use the pictures on the mentioned pages, in my application to volunteering. Beside that I have the option to report pictures where i can be identified to in order for them to be deleted if I wish it.



Note which of the dates mentioned below relates to you:

Volunteers with before/after shifts (period of effort before AND after Tinderbox): Deadline of cancellation is Friday June 1st 2018. After this date, your registration is mandatory!

Volunteers with during shifts (period of effort during Tinderbox): Deadline of cancellation is Friday June 15th 2018. After this date, your registration is mandatory!

Then apply our Rules of Engagement in order for late cancellation.



RUBY is the name of our volunteer system.
It is a system where you log in, see your team and get the information which only concerns the volunteers at Tinderbox. RUBY is right here.

We update RUBY all the time. Do you have inputs for practical or effective features, please write us a mail



Before your registration is accepted be RUBY, you have to confirm your email. Immediately after your registration you will receive an email with a link you must click on. This will allow you to finish your registration.

If you do not receive this email, perhaps it landed in your spam folder. If not, you can write to our technical support:



If it’s because you forgot your password, click “forgot your password?” and create a new one.

Make a detailed description of how you experience the error. Send the description and your username/email address to and our technical support will help you with the problem as soon as possible.



When signing up as a volunteer, you have to chose your desired team to be a part of, from the list available, based on the period(s) of effort you have chosen.

REMEMBER: all our teams are defined by period of effort. Meaning that you can only see which team(s) you can chose from AFTER you have chosen period(s) of effort.

If your desired area of effort/team does not appear on the list of your choices during the enrollment, it may be because:

1: The period of effort the area/team does not match the effort period you’ve chosen.

– Try another period of effort.

2: The area of effort/team no longer exists at Tinderbox, or has been changed.

– Select another area of effort/team.

3: The area of effort/team is already filled.

– Select another area of effort/team.



Until June 1st you are able to resign yourself at your profile at RUBY. Please be aware about the fact that resign equals a complete deregistration as a volunteer, and you will not be able to do a new sign up, swop team etc.

If you wish to resign as a volunteer: Log in to RUBY, click your name in the upper right corner, click “profile” and click the red “resign” button under your profile picture.

NOTICE!! You should only use the resign button, if you wish for a complete deregistration as a volunteer – not if you just wish to swop team etc.



If you signed up for a wrong team, please contact your teamleader, who will try to help you shift to the right team. You will find your teamleader’s contact information at “my teams” in RUBY.

NOTICE!! Please do not resign as a volunteer if you wish to swop teams.



A period of effort is the period of time you can/will help Tinderbox. You can choose between 4 different periods, and you have to at least choose one of them. You can also select multiple periods, and thus increase your chances of getting on a team.

All our teams are defined by period of effort, meaning that you will only be able to see which team/teams you can choose from after you have chosen your period(s) of effort.


Before/After TB – Approx 24 hours:

In this period of effort, your shift will most likely be split, in which way you will have a shift building the site (start June up to and including the opening of the festival on Thursday June 28th 2018), and a shift taking down the site (the night between Saturday June 30th and Sunday August 1st till Wednesday August 4th) it is not all types of teams that operate with this period of effort.


During TB – Approx 16 hours:

This is where it all happens, and where you are part of running Tinderbox and making sure that our guests gets the best experience possible. The period of effort is from Thursday June 28th up to and including Saturday June 30th 2018




– Vi are doing everything we can to stay within the given period of effort, but since unexpected situations are part of making a festival for thousands of guests, there may be some fluctuations in the time schedule, meaning that in the worst case scenario we may ask you to stay a bit longer on your shift to help us out.

– The distribution of hours per shift is defined by your volunteer coordinator/team leader. Expect that your hours will be distributed on more than one cohesive shift, no matter which period of effort chosen, unless you have made other arrangements with your volunteer coordinator/team leader.



You have the opportunity to note the name of one of your friends you want to work with during your registration.

Another possibility is that you and your friends coordinate your registration and choose the same actions.

We can not guarantee that all volunteers at Tinderbox will have all their wishes fulfilled. Please respect that we are working with a very large puzzle – we are doing the best we can.



Your shift roster will be made by your volunteer coordinator/team leader and placed i RUBY under your profile. We strive to have the rosters finished around the beginning of May.


You have to approve your shift schedule in RUBY before Thursday June 18th, so we know that you have seen it. Until you do so, we reserve the right to unregister and blacklist you.



If you need to swap a shift with one of the others on your team, click on ”Shift Swap” in RUBY. It is your volunteer coordinator/team leader who decides if your team is going to have access to this feature. Contact your volunteer coordinator/team leader for questions regarding swapping your shift(s).



In your sign-up, if you are able to choose a work area/team where there are still spots available, you are guaranteed a spot as a volunteer at Tinderbox 2018, unless there is a breach of our Rules of Engagement at a later time. Immediately after your signup you will receive a mail confirming that you have completed your application, confirming your secured spot as a volunteer at Tinderbox 2018.

If you only had the chance to join our waiting list, you are not guaranteed a spot as a volunteer at Tinderbox 2018 until you hear from us.



If all our teams are filled up, you have the option of joining our waiting list. This is general and is considered as one large pool.

You are not guaranteed a spot as a a volunteer at Tinderbox by being on our waiting list, and you are not able to have any influence on which team you want to be a part of. We select and allocate seats from the established requirements combined with your choice of periods of effort. This means that we do not select through “first in, first seated” and the more periods of effort you choose, the more opportunities there is for us to choose you.

If we put you on a team, you will receive an e-mail. Then you can login here and see which team we have allocated for you, as well as a contact to your volunteer coordinator/team leader.


The bars at Tinderbox are being manned by some of the student unions and bars in Odense.

If you want to volunteer in a bar, you have to contact one of the unions or bars to hear about the possibilities for this.

Here follows a list over the unions and bars with bars at Tinderbox:


Syddanske Studerende

Studenterhuset Odense (has a bar in magicbox)

Musikhuset Posten



Medicin og biomek revyen


Check-In for volunteers has in 2018 been moved to Falen 177, which is located a road further out than the passage leading up to the main entrance. Follow the signs. On your Access Pass there will be a map where the Volunteer Check-In is marked.

We will release your Access Pass, which is your entry ticket to Tinderbox, in mid June. You’ll find it for download under your profile in RUBY.

We will swap your Access Pass to a partout wristband for volunteers, which gives you access to the site during the festival.

Volunteer check-in opens on Monday June 18th.

Opening hours:

June 19th – June 26th : 08:00  AM – 08:00 PM

June 27th – June 28th : 08:00 AM – 10:00 PM

June 29th : 09:00 AM – 08:00 PM

June 30th : 09:00 AM – noon


When you clock in for your first shift, you have to have checked in and picked up your wristband!
Always show up for your shift in due time, where your volunteer coordinator/team leader has told you all to meet up – at least 15 min. before your shift starts.


It is not allowed to bring your own drinks. This goes for both drinks with and without alcohol. Read more in our Rules of Engagement.

As a Volunteer at Tinderbox you will receive meals in connection with your shifts. However, this does not include breakfast, as it is expected that you eat before going to the festival site. If the food provided does not cover your needs, you are welcome to also bring food/snacks for your shifts. No matter what time of day your shifts are, we encourage you to eat before heading to the festival site. You never know when your first meal break will be.

We will take vegetarians into account in the volunteer catering.

If you are vegan and/or have any allergies, we recommend that you bring your own meal.

There will always be free water, coffee and tea in connection with the shifts you have at Tinderbox.


There will be the opportunity to keep your stuff in the wardrobe in the periods below. The wardrobe for volunteers is in extension to the guests wardrobe near the main entrance. Since everyone should have the opportunity to keep a jacket and a small bag in the wardrobe, it will not be possible to keep suitcases, bigger sports bags and the like in the wardrobe. Make sure to store this where you are accommodated.

Thursday the 28th of June 10:30 AM – 03:00 AM

Friday the 29th of June 10:30 AM – 03:00 AM

Saturday the 30th of June 10:30 AM – 03:00 AM

You have to pick up your stuff from the wardrobe every evening/night before the wardrobe closes, otherwise it will be handed over to lost and found.

The wardrobe costs 10 kr. per ticket for volunteers.


If you lost something at Tinderbox, and it has been handed in, we will make every effort to take good care of it.

  • During the building and taking down of Tinderbox all lost and found has to be handed in/collected at Afviklingskontoret in Tusindårsskoven.
  • During Tinderbox all lost and found has to be handed in/collected in the Information placed in front of the mail entrance.

Here it can be collected until Thursday July 3th around 5 PM. After July 3th it will all be stores at Dalum IF who can be contaced via mail here

Adress: Dalumvej 95 D, 5250 Odense SV

no.: 6613 2968

Describe in detail what you are missing, we will look for it and get back to you.

We will store lost and found until Thursday July 10th. After this date we will hand over everything of value (wallets, phones, keys, cash, jewelry, bags and the like) to Fuens Police Lost and Found dept. in Odense. Clothing and the like will after Thursday July 10th be donated for charitable purposes.



It is possible to charge your phone in the volunteer area, where we have set up a small charging station. You have to bring your own charger. Charging is at your own responsibility


All volunteers at Tinderbox are insured via the statutory workers’ compensation insurance. This covers bodily injury – but not personal things. For example, if you were to take your computer with you to Tinderbox, it is your responsibility. In addition, there is a liability insurance for organizers. This covers damage to a third party caused by the employee during the hours of effort. All damages are to be reported to your volunteer coordinator/team leader immediately.


Your bike is very welcome, but we don’t have space for your car. We encourage everyone to use public transport, walk or cycle. If you decide to take the car anyway, you can find more information about parking facilities in and around Odense here.

There will be bike parking at Falen, which is situated close to the main entrance.

Parking is at your own risk. It is not allowed to park bicycles elsewhere on or around the Tinderbox site. Therefore, it is important that you park your bike before you go get your wristband or before you head in for your shifts on the festival site.

In the build-up period and the packing period it will be possible to park your bike at Check-In at Falen close to the main entrance.


It is not allowed to bring tape recorders, camcorders, SLR cameras and professional photographic equipment. Video recordings are not allowed. However, you may bring small digital camcorders (pocket size) and mobile phones on site without prior authorization.

It is forbidden to take pictures of the artists, ask for an autograph or otherwise contact them. It is important that we all respect the artist’s privacy.

festival site
When is Tinderbox?

Tinderbox 2018 takes place from Thursday June 28th to Saturday June 30th 2018.

Where is Tinderbox?

The Tinderbox Festival site is situated in Tusindaarsskoven in Odense. Entrance to the festival site via the intersection Kløvermosevej/Falen.


It is strictly forbidden to:
Block exits or corridors directing people away from festival.
Push and jostle especially in front of the stage.
Crowd surf.
Stage dive.
Throw objects, beers, or the like.

Violation will result in immediate expulsion.

Animals are not permitted at the festival area.

Food and drinks
It is not allowed to bring food and drinks into the festival site. There will be a varied selection of food and drinks in bars and food stalls, and water posts placed within the festival site.

Photo & Video
It is not allowed to bring tape recorders, camcorders or professional photo cameras. Audio and video recording is not permitted. Only small digital video cameras (pocket size) and cell phones are allowed on the site. SLR Cameras are not allowed. If you want to photograph for media purposes, you are welcome to apply for accreditation. We do not allow cameras to individuals because of restrictions from international artists, as it is disruptive to our audience with too many cameras during the concerts.

Tents and chairs
Setting up tents, tables, chairs and the likes is not permitted for safety reasons, neither is it allowed to bring flags, pennants, banners etc. There will be seating to find at the festival site.

If you are pregnant or have special needs we encourage you to take a blanket or sleeping mat with you.

It is not allowed to bring, sell, or use drugs at the festival. Trying to will result in immediate expulsion and police notification.

If you see someone who is ill, depressed, afraid, or perhaps under the influence of drugs, don’t hesitate to contact a festival employee who’ll do anything to help.

Weapons are strictly forbidden and will result in immediate expulsion and police notification.

Open fire
Open fire as well as bringing a barbeque grill is prohibited at Tinderbox.

First Aid

Working alongside our skilled security staff, a well-trained and competent first aid corps is attending the whole event.

Security team

We have a professionally trained security team and a corps of skilled inspectors on the festival site. At all times during the festival, they will be ready to handle any problem that might occur. You can be sure that we will do everything we can to take good care of our guests.

Alternative accommodation – phone +45 6596 7641 – phone +45 6611 4702

Bolbro Bed and Breakfast – phone + 4031 8155

Tietgen Konferencecenter – phone +45 65 45 20 02 / mail:

Dalum Landbrugsskole – phone + 6313 2711

Or go to for more alternatives

Hotels and hostels

There are several hotels and hostels based in the Odense area. Here are just a few examples: – phone +45 6617 6666 – phone +45 6614 7800 – phone +45 6612 1427 – phone +45 6314 5700 – phone +45 6612 1131
Best Western Hotel Odense – phone +45 6556 0100
Hotel Windsor – phone +45 6612 0652
First Hotel Grand – phone +45 6611 7171 – phone +45 6311 0425 – phone +45 6613 0425
Frederik d. VI’s Hotel – phone +45 6594 1313 – phone +45 6447 3880

For more alternatives go to:

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