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Swimming pool

The swimming pool by Magicbox is NOT open, so it will not be possible to take a swim during Tinderbox 2020.

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Can I bring ... to the festival site?

Sunscreen and mosquito spray?
You may bring sunscreen and mosquito spray if they are in a tube or with a pump.
You can not bring sunscreen and mosquito spray which are in pressurized bottles.

You can not bring an umbrella. But you can bring rainwear and rain ponchos can also be purchased at the bars.

My dog?
Animals are not allowed at the festival grounds.

My child?
Children under 12 years of age can go for free when accompanied by an adult. Children 12 years or older must buy a regular ticket. However, we recommend that small children use earmuffs and that children generally do not stay at the festival site after 8 pm.

An empty water bottle?
You may bring an empty water bottle made out of plastic which you can fill up at the site. Glass and metal bottles are not allowed.

Your own food and drink?
It is not allowed to bring your own food and drink to the festival grounds. There is a wide selection of food – even if you are allergic to gluten or are vegetarian or vegan. You can see all the food stalls in our app.

It is not allowed to bring alcohol. There is a wide selection of beverages on site.

You may bring small makeup items and a little perfume. You can not bring a spray deodorant. Pressurized aerosol bottles are not allowed on the site.

Dry shampoo?
If the can is not pressurized, you can bring it. Pressurized cans (with the small flame symbol) are not allowed.

It is not allowed to bring tape recorders, camcorders or professional/large photo cameras. Audio and video recording is not allowed.

You can bring small digital cameras (pocket size) and cell phones. Larger cameras such as SLR are not allowed. This also applies to larger cameras that are not considered professional.

If you bring over-the-counter medication, keep it in the package so it is identifiable at the entrance. Then it will not be taken.
If you have prescription medicine, you may only bring a day’s consumption for yourself daily, and you must be able to document which medicines you are taking.

Lost and found

If you lost something at Tinderbox, and it has been handed in, we will make every effort to take good care of it.

During Tinderbox all lost and found has to be handed in/collected in the Information placed in front of the Main Entrance.

After Tinderbox from Sunday June 30 to Monday July 1 all lost and found can be collected at Production Check In at Falen from 12-16 pm. Look for the signs for Production Check In.

On July 2 we will hand over everything of value (wallets, phones, keys, cash, jewelry, bags and the like) to Funens Police Lost and Found dept. in Odense. Clothing and the like will after Tuesday July 9th be donated for charitable purposes.


Photos at Tinderbox

Photos will be taken at Tinderbox, and may be used for marketing purposes.

If a picture of you is used, you can always request for it to be deleted. For questions, contact

See more information about our data policy here.

Payment Info

This summer only credit cards will be accepted as payment at the festival.

It will only be possible to pay with credit and debit cards at Tinderbox, which will provide better service and fewer cues in stalls and bars.


The following credit cards are accepted throughout the festival site:

American Express
JCB International

NB! When buying food, drinks, and beverages at the festival ”Down The Drain” (not Tinderbox) will appear on your bank statements.


We do accept cash at the festival site, but only at the value card stalls. At the stalls you will receive at value card, on which you can deposit money. You can use the value cards as payment throughout the site. You can always visit the value card stalls and top up your value card.


We do not accept MobilePay or other mobile payment apps as payment on the site. However, in the value card stalls, you can buy and top up your value card using MobilePay.


You can at any time visit a value card stall and get a refund of the remaining balance.

Please note that you can only receive the balance on a credit card. It will not be possible to get the refund back in cash or via MobilePay. If you do not have a credit card, please write an email to You must include a photo of the 10-digit card number + your bank information in order to receive the remaining balance via bank transfer. A 100 dkk fee is charged for this transfer, which is the equivalent of the deposit.

If there is a remaining balance on your value card from Tinderbox 2019, and has not been contacted before July 31st 2020, then you waive the right to get the remaining balance.


When buying a value card, you must pay a deposit of 100 DKK. The deposit will be returned at the value card stall when you have your remaining balance paid out. If you decide to contact Tinderbox at after the festival, the 100 DKK deposit will cover an administration fee of 100 DKK.

NB. If you empty your value card, DO NOT hand it in at the food stall or bar you are at, as you will lose your deposit. You can only get your deposit back if the value card is returned in one of the value card stalls.


The value card stalls will follow the opening hours of the festival site.


When purchasing a value card, we encourage you to photograph the 10-digit number on the card. Should you lose the card, you must go to a value card stall. They will help you to deactivate the lost card and transfer the money to a new card.


Debit cards can be used in the bars and food stalls. If you, as a debit cardholder, encounter a terminal that is offline, the card cannot be used. In this case, a terminal in the neighbouring stall will most likely be online, and able to complete the payment. The staff is instructed to handle situations like these.

In case all terminals are offline at the same time, please visit a value card stall, in which the staff can help you with this matter.

Print schedule

As soon as the programme for Tinderbox 2020 is ready, you can find it here along with a map of the festival site.


Children and adolescents are very welcome at Tinderbox, and there is no charge for children under the age of 12 years old, accompanied by a paying adult. There are no discount tickets available for students or adolescents. Children under 15 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. For security reasons, we do not recommend staying at the festival area with small children after 8 p.m.

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(c) Mail:

Contact Us

Reach us at:

or +45 70 20 26 22

For questions about volunteering at Tinderbox 2018 write to:


See the ticket page for information about ticket types.

I cannot find my ticket. What do I do?

Every year some of our guests cannot find the e-mail with the ticket they have bought. So look for your ticket before the festival starts if you do not want to end up in a queue. If you cannot find the e-mail with your Tinderbox ticket, you can contact Ticketmaster’s customer support at or at tel. +4570 15 65 65. Alternatively, you can contact customer support at the festival site from Thursday at 1.00 pm to get your ticket.


Can I show my ticket on my phone?

Yes, you can scan your ticket on your phone as long as the screen is intact.


Can I return my ticket?

Purchase of tickets is not subject to any return. Therefore, you can not get your money refunded. Tickets are only refundable if the festival is canceled. For questions about refunding or changing already purchased tickets, please refer to

The final line up is subject to any changes.


Can I give away my ticket, even if my name is on it?

The buyer’s name will always be the name on the ticket, but the ticket will still be valid even if you give it away as a gift. You might, however, have to confirm your relation to the buyer at the entrance to the festival.

NB: This applies only to purchased tickets through our official ticket provider Ticketmaster. It does NOT apply to guest tickets which are personal.


Can I buy my ticket from 3rd party?

We strongly advise that you do not use pages like Viagogo who deliberately sell tickets at overprice.

When buying a ticket from someone you do not know, it could in theory be fake or copied, and thus the barcode will not work at the entrance. You will therefore be rejected and Tinderbox takes no responsibility for this. As follows we can not in any way help you verify tickets that are purchased unofficially.


Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

If you wish to safely transfer your ticket to someone else, you can do so by contacting Ticketmaster. Read more about it here.

Charging of phones

At Volt you can get a handy mobile charger that lets you charge your phone while enjoying the festival – and when the charger is empty, it can easily be switched to a fully charged device in the Volt booth. With the Volt charger, both micro-usb and lightning cable are included.

Right now you can pre-order your Volt charger for campaign price HERE.


With a VIP ticket you get access to an exclusive VIP area with its own bar and VIP restaurant, as well as access to the exclusive VIP terrace on the 1st floor, which gives perfect views of the two large scenes and to enjoy the festival’s absolutely best view.

For questions or purchases please contact Eva Pasgaard at or phone +45 92 15 29 87


Main sponsor


Other partners


At Tinderbox there is a staffed cloakroom with room for smaller items such as jackets and smaller bags. The use of the cloakroom costs 30 DKK and if you wish to pick something up during the day it costs 10 DKK.
All items must be picked up when the sites closes every night.

Unfortunately, we have limited space. There will be no room for storage of larger objects such as suitcases.
All use of the cloakroom is at your own risk.


Water stations

You will find water stations at the festival site, where you can fill your water bottle with free tap water. You are allowed to bring an empty water bottle to the festival.


It is not allowed to bring tape recorders, camcorders, SLR cameras and professional photographic equipment. Video recordings are not allowed. However, you may bring small digital camcorders (pocket size) and mobile phones on site without prior authorization (for personal use only).

When can I receive my wristband

You can receive your wristband at the main entrance from Thursday the 25th of June at 12.00

To and from Tinderbox
Parking your car

At Tinderbox 2020 you will be able to buy two different types of parking access – a one day ticket or one ticket for all three days at the following two sites below:

Address: Entrance at Østergårds Allé, pass Carl Baggers Allé and to you right.

Fyens Væddeløbsbane (Funens Racing Stadium)
Address: Prins Haralds Alle 51B, 5250 Odense SV

If you buy a parking ticket for one day, the car must be picked up before 3:00 am that night.
If you buy a parking ticket for all three days, the car must be picked up no later than Sunday, June 28th at 12.00 pm. If you have a parking ticket for all three days, you can drive to and from the parking lot during the festival.

Bike parking

There is bike parking in the area to the left and to the right of the main entrance, as well as in designated and marketed areas. DO NOT park your bike in front or near the entrance at Falen, as there is a risk that it will be removed for safety reasons.

Do not lock your bike to a fence, as there will be a risk of your lock being cut when the fence is removed. Bicycles locked to fences are at your own risk.

Shuttle buses


Again this year you can take shuttle buses directly to the festival site.

In collaboration with FynBus shuttle buses will be depart from both Odense Station and Klingenberg to Tusindårsskoven. The schedule for the shuttle buses can be retrieved HER.

The bus between Odense Station and Tinderbox has route number 19. The bus from Klingenberg has route number 18.

At Tinderbox the buses stop at Falen near Kløvermosevej (Ringvejen).


Which tickets are valid on the bus?
There are 2 special tickets for the Tinderbox.

– A ticket valid for 24 hours for 20 kr.
– A 3-day ticket valid from the festival starts until it ends for 50 kr.

The ticket can either be purchased in the FynBus Mobile Ticket app or in HER.

You can only book one ticket per person. phone and you can not take children for free with. However, it is possible to buy the ticket to cover more people.

You can also use travel cards and all the tickets and cards that normally apply to the buses in Fyn.

Which tickets are valid on the bus?
There are 2 special tickets for Tinderbox.

– A ticket valid for 24 hours for 20 kr.
– A 3-day ticket valid from the festival starts until it ends for 50 kr.

The ticket can either be purchased in the FynBus Mobilbillet app or HERE.

You can only buy one ticket per phone and you can not take children for free. However, it is possible to buy a ticket valid for more than one person.

You can also use Rejsekort and all the tickets and cards that normally apply to the buses on Funen.

How to get to Tinderbox

Odense Rundt makes it easy to find your way to Tinderbox. Use the navigation link here or download the Odense Rundt app here.

festival site


You can park your car at ‘Dyrehaven’.

The parking space opens on Thursday the 25th of June at 11 am.

A parking ticket for all three days costs 160 DKK (+ ticket fee)

A parking ticket for one day costs 85 DKK (+ ticket fee)

Tickets can be purchased HERE

When purchasing a 1-day ticket the car must be collected at 3am the same day.
When purchasing a three-day ticket the car must be collected on Sunday June 28th at 12 noon.

NB. Parking is at owners risk.


You can park your car at Fyens Væddeløbsbane, Prins Haralds Alle 51B, 5250 Odense SV

This parking is very suitable for guests who are staying at the camp.

The parking space opens on Thursday the 25th of June at 9 am.

A parking ticket for all three days costs 160 DKK (+ ticket fee)

A parking ticket for one day costs 85 DKK (+ ticket fee)

Tickets can be purchased HERE

When purchasing a 1-day ticket the car must be collected at 3am the same day.
When purchasing a three-day ticket the car must be collected on Sunday June 28th at 12 noon.

NB. Parking is at owners risk.

Where is Tinderbox?

The Tinderbox Festival site is situated in Tusindaarsskoven in Odense. Entrance to the festival site via the intersection Kløvermosevej/Falen.

When is Tinderbox?

Tinderbox 2020 takes place from Thursday June 25th to Saturday June 27th 2020.

Security team

We have a professionally trained security team and a corps of skilled inspectors on the festival site. At all times during the festival, they will be ready to handle any problem that might occur. You can be sure that we will do everything we can to take good care of our guests.


It is strictly forbidden to:
Block exits or corridors directing people away from festival.
Push and jostle especially in front of the stage.
Crowd surf.
Stage dive.
Throw objects, beers, or the like.

Violation will result in immediate expulsion.

Animals are not permitted at the festival area.

Food and drinks
It is not allowed to bring food and drinks into the festival site. There will be a varied selection of food and drinks in bars and food stalls, and water posts placed within the festival site.

Photo & Video
It is not allowed to bring tape recorders, camcorders or professional photo cameras. Audio and video recording is not permitted. Only small digital video cameras (pocket size) and cell phones are allowed on the site. SLR Cameras are not allowed. If you want to photograph for media purposes, you are welcome to apply for accreditation. We do not allow cameras to individuals because of restrictions from international artists, as it is disruptive to our audience with too many cameras during the concerts.

Tents and chairs
Setting up tents, tables, chairs and the likes is not permitted for safety reasons, neither is it allowed to bring flags, pennants, banners etc. There will be seating to find at the festival site.

If you are pregnant or have special needs we encourage you to take a blanket or sleeping mat with you.

It is not allowed to bring, sell, or use drugs at the festival. Trying to will result in immediate expulsion and police notification.

If you see someone who is ill, depressed, afraid, or perhaps under the influence of drugs, don’t hesitate to contact a festival employee who’ll do anything to help.

Weapons are strictly forbidden and will result in immediate expulsion and police notification.

Open fire
Open fire as well as bringing a barbeque grill is prohibited at Tinderbox.

Spray bottles and sunscreen
Guests and volunteers are not allowed to bring spray cans and bottles under pressure as well as containers with flammable liquids to the festival. Perfume and sunscreen in a spray container (without pressure), in a tube or with a pump are allowed.

First Aid

Working alongside our skilled security staff, a well-trained and competent first aid corps is attending the whole event.

disabled info
Wheelchair accessible toilets

There are disabled toilets at the festival site. The toilets are locked and can opened by a volunteer to ensure that only disabled people and people with permission and special needs can use these.

By showing membership cards to selected associations, such as Colitis Crohn, it is possible to skip the queue. The cards are to be shown to the volunteers in the toilet area, who will then guide you in front of any queue. The cards can also be used for all handicap toilets.

Disabled ticket

Wheelchair users or disabled persons, who can present a valid escort card from Danske Handicaporganisationer’s User Service, can bring one companion free of charge. As a disabled person, you buy a ticket for yourself via, and then contact the Information booth at the main entrance to Tinderbox together with your companion. Here, the companion will get a one-day wristband for Tinderbox.

Note: if you have bought a three-day ticket, the companion will still receive a new one-day wristband every day.


Wheelchair users

There will be separate podiums for wheelchair users and disabled toilets at the festival site.

Disabled Parking

A limited number of disabled parking spaces are reserved if you have a valid disability sign in your car.

A shuttle bus for wheel chair users will travel between Funen’s Racing Track and the Main Entrance.  They will be running in the following periods:

Thursday, June 25 from 11.30 am – 03.00 am
Friday, June 26 from 11.30 am – 03.00 am
Saturday, June 27 from 11.30 am – 03.00 am

The bus can accommodate 2 to 6 wheelchairs depending on the size of the chairs, and a crosser can also be included as long as the guest can sit on a seat while driving. The bus is equipped with a large plate lift and there is an option for an extra entry / exit step.

The transport is free for our disabled guests and of course also for their companions.

food and drinks
Allergies and special needs

If you are suffering from allergies or have other special needs that can be a challenge during the festival or if you cannot consume the food offered on the site for health reasons, you can write us an e-mail.

If you have young children and need to bring baby food or similar, this is also allowed.

If you have any questions, please contact us at and describe your needs and we’ll find a solution!

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

It is not allowed to bring your own food and drinks to the festival site.

Alternative accommodation – phone +45 6596 7641 – phone +45 6611 4702

Bolbro Bed and Breakfast – phone + 4031 8155

Tietgen Konferencecenter – phone +45 65 45 20 02 / mail:

Dalum Landbrugsskole – phone + 6313 2711

Or go to for more alternatives

Hotels and hostels

There are several hotels and hostels based in the Odense area. Here are just a few examples: – phone +45 6617 6666 – phone +45 6614 7800 – phone +45 6612 1427 – phone +45 6314 5700 – phone +45 6612 1131
Best Western Hotel Odense – phone +45 6556 0100
Hotel Windsor – phone +45 6612 0652
First Hotel Grand – phone +45 6611 7171 – phone +45 6311 0425 – phone +45 6613 0425
Frederik d. VI’s Hotel – phone +45 6594 1313 – phone +45 6447 3880

For more alternatives go to:

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