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food and drinks
Allergies and special needs

If you are suffering from allergies or have other special needs that can be a challenge during the festival, it is allowed to bring some food and drinks to the festival area.

If you cannot consume the food offered on the site for health reasons, there must be evidence of this in the form of a medical certificate to be displayed at the entrance.

If you have young children and need to bring baby food or similar, this is also allowed.

If you have any questions, please contact us at and describe your needs and we’ll find a solution!

nice to know

Children and adolescents are very welcome at Tinderbox, and there is no charge for children under the age of 12 years old, accompanied by a paying adult. There are no discount tickets available for students or adolescents. Children under 15 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. For security reasons, we do not recommend staying at the festival area with small children after 8 p.m.

Contact Us

Reach us at:

or +45 70 20 26 22
Phones are open Monday-Thursday from 1PM – 4PM and Friday from 1PM – 3PM

For questions about volunteering at Tinderbox 2016 write to:

Alternative accommodation – phone +45 6596 7641 – phone +45 6611 4702

Bolbro Bed and Breakfast – phone + 4031 8155

Tietgen Konferencecenter – phone +45 65 45 20 02 / mail:

Dalum Landbrugsskole – phone + 6313 2711

Or go to for more alternatives

Hotels and hostels

There are several hotels and hostels based in the Odense area. Here are just a few examples: – phone +45 6617 6666 – phone +45 6614 7800 – phone +45 6612 1427 – phone +45 6314 5700 – phone +45 6612 1131
Best Western Hotel Odense – phone +45 6556 0100
Hotel Windsor – phone +45 6612 0652
First Hotel Grand – phone +45 6611 7171 – phone +45 6311 0425 – phone +45 6613 0425
Frederik d. VI’s Hotel – phone +45 6594 1313 – phone +45 6447 3880

For more alternatives go to:

First Aid

Working alongside our skilled security staff, a well-trained and competent first aid corps is attending the whole event.

Security team

We have a professionally trained security team and a corps of skilled inspectors on the festival site. At all times during the festival, they will be ready to handle any problem that might occur. You can be sure that we will do everything we can to take good care of our guests.


It is strictly forbidden to:
Block exits or corridors directing people away from festival.
Push and jostle especially in front of the stage.
Crowd surf.
Stage dive.
Throw objects, beers, or the like.

Violation will result in immediate expulsion.

Animals are not permitted at the festival area.

Food and drinks
It is not allowed to bring food and drinks into the festival site. There will be a varied selection of food and drinks in bars and food stalls, and water posts placed within the festival site.

Photo & Video
It is not allowed to bring tape recorders, camcorders or professional photo cameras. Audio and video recording is not permitted. Only small digital video cameras (pocket size) and cell phones are allowed on the site. SLR Cameras are not allowed. If you want to photograph for media purposes, you are welcome to apply for accreditation. We do not allow cameras to individuals because of restrictions from international artists, as it is disruptive to our audience with too many cameras during the concerts.

Tents and chairs
Setting up tents, tables, chairs and the likes is not permitted for safety reasons, neither is it allowed to bring flags, pennants, banners etc. There will be seating to find at the festival site.

If you are pregnant or have special needs we encourage you to take a blanket or sleeping mat with you.

It is not allowed to bring, sell, or use drugs at the festival. Trying to will result in immediate expulsion and police notification.

If you see someone who is ill, depressed, afraid, or perhaps under the influence of drugs, don’t hesitate to contact a festival employee who’ll do anything to help.

Weapons are strictly forbidden and will result in immediate expulsion and police notification.

Open fire
Open fire as well as bringing a barbeque grill is prohibited at Tinderbox.

festival site
When is Tinderbox?

Tinderbox 2018 takes place from Thursday June 28th to Saturday June 30th 2018.

Where is Tinderbox?

The Tinderbox Festival site is situated in Tusindaarsskoven in Odense. Entrance to the festival site via the intersection Kløvermosevej/Falen.

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