About tinderbox

Tinderbox is one of Denmark’s largest music festivals. Every year it presents a star packed and broad lineup of international world artists, the best from the Danish music stage and electronic music, which blasts through the speakers on the explosive, electronic stage, Magicbox.

Get carried away by the festival site, packed with dozens of happenings in its magic setting. Do not miss out on Comedy or the nostalgic 90s party at Groovebox, the view from the ferris wheel and the champagne hill, or the idyllic Moonshine and extraordinary culinary experiences.

Tinderbox focuses on sustainability. For example, the festival uses reusable beer mugs only and waste is sorted into 15 fractions to recycle as much as possible. Furthermore, the amount of green energy will additionally increase in 2021.

Sustainability, diversity, traditions and local anchoring are the cornerstones of the festival.