• Thursday
  • 19:45 – 21:00
  • Blue Stage

The Danish hip hop scene is on fire! And that’s partially thanks to two uncompromising new rappers shaping the future of Danish hip hop.

Artigeardit and Lamin first started working together when they met in the Greek island of Zakynthos (sounds nice, huh?) where they wrote and recorded the EP Ny Agenda (New Agenda) from 2021. The EP presented instant dancefloor-bangers and reflective down-tempo tunes.

Artigeardit has played a key role on the Danish hip hop scene since the release of his introspective debut album VILDEDAGE from 2018. Since then, he’s proven his unmistakable talent with two follow-up records, one of them landing him a Danish Music Award for ‘Danish Record of the Year’. 

Lamin too is aiming for the stars. His lyrics possess some of the same reflection as Artigeardit and they share an incredible will to create something completely new. Lamin has millions of streams under his belt and released his critically acclaimed record Kronisk Skeptisk last year landing him an award for ‘Best New Act’ at the Danish Music Awards as well as the prestigious Talent Award at P3 Gold (hosted by the national Danish Broadcasting Association).

Normally, these two rappers go on tour separately, but this year at Tinderbox they’ll join forces for a unique and exclusive shared performance.