A VIP ticket to Tinderbox comes with many festive advantages. There’s a separate entrance to the site and free access to our exclusive VIP area. Here, you’ll find cocktail, beer, and wine bars of incomparable quality compared to elsewhere on the site. Furthermore, there’s barista coffee, dedicated restroom facilities, plenty of seating – some of it covered – and the best view of the main stage, elevated above the rest of the area.

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    VIP Full Festival Pass

    Spice up your festival experience with some VIP treatment. The VIP Full Festival Pass gives you access to the festival site and our exclusive VIP Lounge for the entire festival. More info
    DKK 3,295
    The price excludes service and handling fees

    The ticket sale for VIP tickets starts on February 1st at 10.00 AM

    A VIP-ticket gives you the entire festival experience – and much more

    The ticket gives you exclusive access to an area, where you find two special bars, plenty of seating and two covered seating areas.

    Not only that, but you will also be granted access to a VIP-platform with a direct view of the main stage.

    It is possible to buy VIP partout- and VIP one-day tickets


The VIP ticket is for those seeking a truly unique festival experience. With a VIP wristband, you’ll have free access to the luxurious VIP area featuring:

  • Podium with a view of the main stage
  • Dedicated restroom facilities
  • Wide selection of bars – including a wine bar and exclusive cocktail bar
  • Access to the terrace with seating areas and lounge ambiance
  • Opportunity for table reservations in the VIP area
  • Barista coffee
  • Access to booking VIP events*

*See the price of the VIP events below. Limited tickets per event. Guests can only participate with a valid VIP ticket.

At Tinderbox, you won’t find any one-size-fits-all solutions. We offer specially designed VIP packages, curated in collaboration with each single company. This is to ensure that the party lives up to your specific desires.

The possibilities are endless: enjoy a guided tour of the site, reserve a table in the VIP area, attend exclusive VIP events, try the different drink- and food bars on the site with value cards, or dine at the nearby restaurant.

The backstage of the VIP area creates a unique atmosphere within the forest with fairy lights and seating. You can also find the exclusive cocktail bar in exceptional surroundings. For those preferring the classic bar selection, there are also cold Tuborg beers and Red Bull energy drinks on ice – in other words, there’s something for everyone’s taste when kicking off the party in luxurious settings.


There are numerous advantages associated with a VIP ticket. One of the extra special benefits is access to our exclusive VIP events, where we have created the best setting to host the celebration of the year.

Contact our Commercial Manager, Jakob, and learn more about how you can experience Tinderbox in the most elevated manner.

Guests can only participate with a valid VIP ticket.

Guided Tour

Get behind-the-scenes stories, insights into the site’s construction and development, start your day with an informative session combined with fun festival anecdotes, or learn more about how NorthSide has become one of the world’s leading festivals in sustainability. The possibilities are endless, but the tours are tailored based exactly on your preferences.

When: Available every day of the festival.
Duration: 1 hour.
Max. number of participants: 20 people.
Price: 15,000 DKK including a cold refreshment for all participants.        

Cabana iN magicbox


Get your own area on the Magicbox terrace for a full day for 20 people.

When: Available every day of the festival
Time: Full day
Maximum participants: 20 people per area
Price: 45,000 DKK including a pre-determined order (there is plenty…)


Gather your guests with a two-hour table reservation in the VIP area.

Enjoy the company and atmosphere in a reserved seating area, including 2 glasses of bubbles per person.

When: Available every day of the festival
Time: 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Price: Minimum of 2 tables (total of 16 people) 4,800 DKK.
Additionally, 300 DKK per person            


Treat yourself with a wonderful dining experience in Tusindårsskoven at Tinderbox.

At Restaurant Tusindårsskoven (by Per Hallundbæk) you can enjoy a complete menu consisting of 3 courses incl. drink menu.

Where: Restaurant Tusindårsskoven (neighbor of the VIP)
When: Available every day of the festival
Price: 595 DKK per person
Booking: Book your table here.    


Our tailored festival packages are designed for those who wish to nurture professional relationships, elevate employee gatherings, or add an unforgettable touch to conferences. 

With a behind-the-scenes tour of the site, you’ll gain a whole new understanding of the work behind building one of Denmark’s largest festivals, while kicking off the celebration with a unique experience.

Continue the celebration with a table reservation in the VIP area, where we provide bubbles on the tables, and you’ll have an exclusive view of the main stage and all the best concerts.

We always tailor the festival packages according to your specific wishes and needs or through various themes that might be relevant to your company.


Get up close to the Tinderbox celebration. Start the day with a champagne brunch where you’ll be served bubbles and a light meal at the VIP’s neighboring restaurant. Continue with a tour of the site, including a stop at our electronic stage, Magicbox, where the party reaches a whole new level.

End the day in the VIP area, where everyone has full access to the large podium, with a direct view of the main stage and plenty of seating. There’s also every opportunity to indulge in delicious drinks, ice-cold draft beers, or exquisite wines from the various bars in the VIP area – no risk of thirst while you party away.


Tinderbox always delivers a music program at the absolute top within the festival world. Expect a lineup packed with the biggest stars from both the national and international scene.

Enjoy the concerts from the VIP area’s podium with a fantastic view of the main stage. Here, you can reserve a table, ensuring seats for when you need to rest your legs and evaluate the concerts. Combine the festival experience with a guided tour of the site, getting behind-the-scenes stories about the various stages, fun festival anecdotes, and insight into the setup and development of the site. A day tailored for music enthusiasts.


We set the stage for a day that allows you to be present and enjoy the moment. Go all out with colleagues, employees, or partners at the greatest party of the year. Start the day with long-table self-serve shrimp and rosé tasting. Afterward, you can enjoy the view from the VIP area overlooking the festival site and the main stage, which will be taken over by the biggest music acts from the national and international scene.

You can also reserve your own table, providing a place to gather and sit, where we’ll, of course, serve sparkling bubbles to make the moment even more special. Explore the many perks of the VIP area, where you can indulge in excellent barista coffee, toast in ice-cold draft beer, or try a new cocktail from the bar. We’re happy to help you book and create your unique VIP events, allowing you to focus solely on enjoying the moment.

tinderbox vip team

The possibilities are endless when it comes to exclusive experiences at Tinderbox. Our VIP team specializes in creating the best party for your company. Contact us to learn more about how you and your professional relationships can experience Tinderbox up close.


With 25 years of experience from the commercial world, including from some of the world’s leading media and creative agencies, Jakob Agersnap frames our professional B2B events.
As Commercial Manager, Jakob advises our guests with individually tailored business events that meet your specific wishes and needs.

Contact Jakob if you want to know more about the possibilities for business events.

Hospitality and guest experiences

Bar manager and event creator, Jonas Bäckström, has his finger on the pulse when it comes to creating the best guest and hospitality experiences. As the Group Sales Manager at Tinderbox, he collaborates with corporate clients to curate experiences and packages that precisely match the needs of your company – for your employees, clients, or guests.

Contact Jonas if you want to know more about the hospitality options.


As a educated butler and a background as a personal assistant for international clients, our Office & VIP Manager Jan-Ole Herfurth creates exclusive one-of-a-kind experiences and unique events of the highest standard.

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