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Opening hours

The festival site’s opening hours:



For opening hours in relation to construction and take down see below.

Construction and take down


Build up begins June 24 at 8AM.
Everything must be in place June 26 at 12PM.
Here, all vehicles must also have left the site.

Take down

Take down begins June 30 at 02.30AM.
Everything must be cleared July 01 at 8AM.
Tinderbox must approve the area before leaving.

Access to the site (productions check-in)

To gain access to the site, you must have a valid access pass and a driving or parking permit.

The following information is sent to

  • Dates where access is needed
  • Name of people specified over the days
  • Car type (van etc.) distributed over the days
  • Number plate
  • Driving distance to the site (km)

Collect your driving or parking permit in production’s check-in at the entrance.

Opening hours for productions check-in can be found here (danish).

Driving directions

Link to driving directions will come in early June.

Need extra?

Do you need a truck, crane or similar? Contact with your inquiry.

Ordering electricity, water etc.

The DTD Shop is where all partners order electricity, sinks etc.

January 29: Order round starts – order link sent out via e-mail.

February 16: Deadline for orders.

All orders thereafter must go directly through Tinderbox.

Material requirements

If possible, always use certified materials.

  • Light: Always use LED.
  • Paint: Water based colors and certified paints.
  • Power: Have an overview of needs and do not add anything that is not approved.
  • Wood: Use certified wood as far as possible (e.g. FSC).

NOT allowed: Nylon strips, plastic, duct tape.

IMPORTANT! Read this before entering the festival site

Speed limit and traffic rules

Speed limit on site is 20 km/h.
The Danish driving laws and regulations applies on the site.

Work safety at the festival

Read about occupational safety on site (1 page) before you arrive.


There is free dining in our Crew Catering on construction and take down days at following timeslots:

  • Lunch: at 11AM-2PM.
  • Dinner: at 5PM-8PM.


Remeber, it’s a festival. We are many people on site, also volunteers, so please be nice and pay attention to each other.

We’re going to have fun and do cool things together ☺

Need help? Contact Partnership Activation Manager Tenna Brendstrup at

Need an overview of specs for big screens or fence banners, color palette, logo package or guidelines for creative development?

Read our activation rider here.