Today at 12 o’clock, we have opened up for registrations! Some jobs is really popular! So make sure you keep in touch with your friends so you get to be on the same team and have similar schedules.

For many June is often connected with exams, and often the exams are right up to the festival days. Therefore, our invitation to those of you who is often occupied by the exams, is that you sign up teams that have their schedules placed during or after the festival. Then there is a greater chance that you can both give it your best at the exams and for the festival!

As something new this year, on most teams you can choose your schedule from the start! Another news is that in selected teams this year you can settle for one workday with 10-12 hours and earn a full festival ticket for this one day of volunteering. Look for Gatekeeper, Guest Greeter and Traffic Conductor if that’s for you.

Sign up here.

Photo: Clara Brøgger