• Thursday
  • 00:30 – 02:00
  • Panorama

Over the past two years, world-renowned DJ & producer David Guetta and Danish phenomenon MORTEN have created a brand-new dance music culture by unleashing their pioneering ‘Future Rave’ sound. Emerging from their desire to play something new in their sets, the inventive genre reflects their vision on the future of electronic dance music: fresh and innovative. 

MORTEN says:

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have already had the opportunity to perform on both Magicbox and the main stage at Tinderbox. It’s truly an honor for me to introduce my Future Rave concept, created in collaboration with my partner David Guetta, to Denmark for the very first time, and on one of my all-time favorite festivals.

Both David & MORTEN are heavily inspired by the underground, and they have made it their trademark to bring sounds and formats from the underground and present it to the masses. With Future Rave, the duo is bringing the best elements of both the EDM and underground scenes together, while keeping the cutting-edge sound ever evolving. 

Future Rave builds bridges between the energy and the hooks of EDM, the futuristic sounds of techno, and the emotion of trance and (future) house.

We are head over heels excited to be inviting two of our favorite DJs back to our festival and for Future Rave to be presented in Denmark for the first time ever at Tinderbox 2024!