• Saturday

He is one of the absolute biggest musical talents in Denmark and one of the most beloved personalities on the Danish pop scene. 

With captivating songs about everything from being stoned and smoking too many cigarettes to work hard and grow up to be proud of who you are, Andreas Odbjerg has charmed his way into most beating pop-hearts in the country. 

He is not only praised for his pop perfection on record but also for his abilities on stage – and at Tinderbox, his show tends to be something extra special. Growing up in a small city just outside of Odense, Tinderbox marks his homecoming moment, and that shows.

In 2022, local newspaper Fyens Stiftstidende described his Tinderbox performance as moving and even called the concert a historic moment, and we couldn’t agree more!

Find out what the buzz is all about, when Andreas Odbjerg returns to Odense at Tinderbox 2024!