The countdown for #TB21 has started with first headliner and 2021 dates being announced

The rock legends in Kashmir are the first addition to the 2021 line-up, when Tinderbox returns on June 24-26, 2021.  In addition, we will temporarily open up for ticket sales for next year’s festival.

When this year’s Tinderbox was cancelled two weeks ago due to the corona crisis, fans and ticket holders received the message with disappointment and understanding. Since then, Tinderbox has received overwhelming support and inquiries regarding possibilities to further support the festival. Many have requested the possibility to purchase a ticket for 2021 in order to support the festival. Consequently, we have chosen to open for sales of a limited amount of partout tickets at the same rate as 2020 tickets. The sales period is limited and ends on the date when Tinderbox 2020 would have taken place.

We are very grateful for the specific demand for 2021 Tinderbox tickets. To us, this is the ultimate sign of support, and it fills us with both hope and gratitude to see that people wish to be part of our festival in 2021, on the other side of the crisis we are all going through right now. That makes the future planning of the 2021 festival a lot easier.

Kashmir festival reunion in 2021
In connection with the festival cancellation, guests have been encouraged to hold on to their ticket, which is automatically transferred to Tinderbox 2021. Consequently, we have worked hard to secure the first headliner, in order for ticket holders to get a preview of the music line-up. The fact that Danish Kashmir is the first confirmed addition to the line-up is quite exceptional.

Initiating the countdown for Tinderbox 2021 with Kashmir is something that makes us immensely happy. Many people were looking forward to experiencing Kashmir this summer, and the fact that the band are willing to push their reunion to 2021 really means a lot to us all. To experience Kashmir is truly a special thing; and the band only plays two festival concerts next year, so it is additionally very exclusive that they have chosen Tinderbox as one of those two.

Tinderbox 2021 takes place in Tusindaarsskoven, Odense, June 24 -26, 2021. Tickets can be purchased here from April 24, 10:00 AM to June 27, 11:59 PM.