Johnson, Dr. Bombay og 6 others to Groovebox

March 21st 2024

We’re happy to present one of the biggest Danish hip-hop stars of the 2000s. Johnson drops by Tusindårsskoven, and you know it’s going to be a nostalgia fest like no other.

On the completely opposite end of the music spectrum, we find Dr. Bombay – and we challenge you to stand still when he unleashes legendary hits like “Calcutta (Taxi, Taxi, Taxi)”, “S.O.S. (The Tiger Took My Family)” and “Rice & Curry”. We still haven’t heard of anyone who has resisted the temptation.

If you were young in the 2000s, you undoubtedly know Roben Og Knud. With catchy songs like “Hej lille tulipan”, “Uranhjorten”, “Tine Pingvin”, and “Darwins Sang (Det Farligste Dyr)”, they enchanted an entire generation. Get ready to sing along to all their hits – because you know the lyrics, even if you’re not quite sure how.

From the other side of Øresund, we are visited by the queen of 90s parties. It’s none other than Swedish Drömhus – and she’ll bring the party when she takes over Groovebox with her captivating pop tracks.

If we shout “WHAT IS LOVE?” there should hopefully be a huge “Baby don’t hurt me!” back without hesitation. Let yourself be transported directly back to a club in the 1990s with Haddaway’s iconic earworms. We can’t wait for the big sing-along at Groovebox in June.

Maybe the name SNAP! doesn’t mean much to you, but you’ve definitely heard several of their immortal hits. You’re going to need your best dancing shoes for when the urge to dance to “Rhythm Is a Dancer” and “The Power” overwhelms you.

Today’s lineup also welcomes German DJ SASH! back to the tent. With a career as long as the German autobahn, he has enchanted audiences all over the world. Start warming up your vocal cords now so you’re ready to scream “ECUADOR” as loud as you can!

Last but not least, we once again have the pleasure of Barcode Brothers. The Danish trance duo has been heating up the dance floor for the past five years with hits like “Flute”, “SMS”, and “Dooh Dooh”, and this year will be no exception!

We can safely promise that it’s going to be hot in the Groovebox tent this year. Have you secured your ticket? If not, now is a really good time.

Tickets are selling fast, and on Tuesday, April 2nd at 11:59 PM, the price for both single-day and full festival passes will increase (excluding VIP tickets).