A clean campsite – TB Camping repeats its success

September 25, 2023

Tinderbox’s guests have once again left a clean and tidy campsite after the festival.

Photo: Henriette Eskelund

Only 3 hours after the last guest had left the camping area, we were able to return Væddeløbsbanen to its original state, just as we received it. All thanks to you.

Campsites at festivals often means abandoned camping gear and a massive cleanup effort when the music ends. However, our deposit-based camping concept has once again proven to be a great success. Everyone, except for one single guest, cleaned up after three days of festivities and left the site exactly as they found it.

Our campsite offered various types of accommodation this year, including glamping, TB tents, caravan spaces, and regular tent sites.


To reduce the environmental impact, for the third consecutive year, it’s a part of the camping concept that all guests pay a 500 DKK deposit per site. When it’s time for the very last dance, and you’re getting ready to head home, a clean and tidy campsite means you’ll get your entire deposit back. This way, the nature around us suffers as little damage as possible from our annual (and festive) presence.

Photo: Sasha Knudsen

Our guests clearly do support the concept, which this year’s camping success is just another great example of:

“The guests are happy to have a campsite that’s clean and tidy. No one complains about paying the deposit,” says Jens Øland, Camp Manager at Tinderbox.

Therefore, a big THANK YOU to all of you who helped clean up after yourselves at this year’s festival, allowing us to continue partying responsibly and magically in Tusindårsskoven in the future.

TB Camping will be back, when the greatest party of next year takes place from June 27th to 29th, 2024.

See you there!