• Friday
  • 14:45
  • Panorama

The Danish singer and songwriter Guldimund has seen his career skyrockiting since the release of his second record Jeg venter i lyset (roughly translates to “I’ll be waiting in the light”). 

He’s experiencing peak after career peak; like receiving 5-star reviews from close to every music critic who’s listened to his album or winning the audience-driven prize at the Danish P3 Gold awards. 

He’s sold out big concert halls on his fall tour in no time, and is already seing most of the venues at his upcoming 2024 spring tour selling out as well. 

One of the many things that Guldimund is praised for is his ability to describe everyday life without it being metaphorical or unavailable. He can turn everything from a french press coffee maker and a conversation with the municipalicy into poetry and use melodies and instrumentation in ways that transcend our image of the typical radio-friendly pop song.

There’s no other way to put it: Don’t miss out when Guldimund plays at Tinderbox.