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April 22nd 2024

Garderobeskabe TB24

We’re continuing the success with lockers on-site!

Avoid carrying around extra clothes, sunscreen, tote bags, or whatever else you can’t do without. Book a locker at TB24 now for storage of your belongings.

There is free access to the lockers throughout the site’s opening hours, including 45 minutes after the last concert. You will receive your own PIN code, which you can easily share with your friends if needed.

Remember, there is a limited number available. We recommend pooling together if possible.

Three types of lockers

When booking, you can choose from three different sizes of lockers:

  • (SOLD OUT) XL: Space for 6 – 8 jackets or 2 backpacks. The locker measures 43cm x 22.5 cm x 43 cm (height/width/depth)
  • Medium High: Space for 3-4 jackets or 1 backpack. The locker measures 22.3 cm x 21.5 cm x 43 cm (height/width/depth)
  • Medium Low: Same size, but located at the bottom of the cloakroom box.

There is also the option of getting lockers with a USB port, so you can charge your phone, for example. These are only available as medium lockers.

how much does it cost?

  • (SOLD OUT) XL: 125 DKK per day
  • Medium: 80 DKK per day
  • Medium (with USB): 90 DKK per day

Where are they located?

All lockers are located near the entrance on the right side when entering the site. There will be no lockers at the camping area this year.

NOTE! The lockers are located inside the festival area. This means you can only store items in the lockers that are allowed to be brought into the site. See the rules in our FAQ.

Book now or on site

You can already book your locker now, so it’s ready when you arrive. You can book for individual days or all three. Click the button below to book now.

Having troubles booking your locker? Mail to