A total of 14 artists are ready for Tinderbox 2022

The first 14 artists from next year’s lineup is finally being revealed – Muse, Imagine Dragons, George Ezra, and many more to play TB22.

From June 23rd to 25th 2022, Tusindårsskoven in Odense welcomes thousands of excited festival goers, when Tinderbox finally returns after two years of painful festival silence.

And now, the first 14 artists from next year’s lineup is finally being revealed. ­It’s a lineup that both presents world famous international acts as well as the essence of the blooming national music scene.

Starting out with the international names, one of the world’s biggest rock bands Muse is amongst the acts to play Tinderbox 2022. The band, who’s been named The Most Exciting Live Act of All Times by the readers of music magazine NME, is behind some of the biggest rock hits of modern times with tacks like “Uprising”, “Supermassive Black Hole” and the heavenly “Starlight”. In the more pop-oriented end of the rock spectrum, you’ll find Las Vegas-band Imagine Dragons with their best-selling catalogue that has secured them a spot in the GRAMMY-history and given us massive hits like “Radioactive”, “Thunder”, “Demons” and “Believer”.

Last but not least, George Ezra will be joining the festival. Since 2013, the British artist has stolen the hearts of singer-songwriter fans all over the world with heartwarming songs like “Budapest”, “Blame It on Me” and more current outings “Hold My Girl” and “Shotgun”.

The audience at Tinderbox can also start getting excited about seeing both big Danish stars as well as artists on their way to become one. Thomas Helmig, a legend on the Danish pop-stage in over three decades will be playing his only show at Funen in 2022 on Tinderbox, while his counterpart on the Danish rock-stage, four-piece Kashmir, will be playing as well. It’s also something truly special when returns to her roots in Odense where she took her first musical steps on the local punk-stage before she took off to become one of Denmark’s biggest pop exports.

Alex Vargas has made a name of himself as one of the most exciting new singer- and songwriter talents, while Tessa has shown the same level of popularity with her rowdy, club-friendly rap. Creative music collective Cheff Records marks a great success with their original blend of dancehall and hip-hop that revolutionized the Danish underground a decade ago, while Clara and winner of the prestigious P3 Gold award Drew Sycamoreshow both of their distinct contribution to the sound of Danish pop music anno 2021.

Coco O. has left fans and critics in awe with her intimate and deeply personal R&B, just like the seven-man folk pop band Jonah Blacksmith has, since the release of their 2014-debut record. Finally, one-man-army Andreas Odbjerg has taken the Danish audience by storm with his both humorous and heartbreaking masterly example of pop perfection.

Remaining full-festival tickets for Tinderbox 2022 will go on sale Friday November 19th at 10 am.