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Enrollment as a volunteer for Tinderbox 2022 is open 🥳

If you want to volunteer at Tinderbox, read more below as well as in the menu at the top when you hover your mouse on ‘Volunteer’.



At our festival we have more than 5,000 volunteers. A community … as in a community … helps build the festival from nothing to everything. All as one – and all for one.

Volunteering with us is an active option. It is a professional and personal commitment you offer because you want to create something meaningful and consider yourself as part of what the festival represents.

As a volunteer, you take on responsibility for the festival, your immediate leader, your team as well as all your fellow volunteers. We all count on you and you can count on us.

You create a big part of the best volunteer festival experience yourself – it’s about attitude and the willingness to collaborate on many different levels. In return for your efforts and great help, we promise to give you something for the resume, great music, new friends, old friends and much more….



As a volunteer, you are part of the festival’s image. It is therefore important that, regardless of your function, you consider yourself to be part of the community that will provide a service for the festival’s guests. Smiling and providing good service – even when busy – is the best tool you have. In order to make everything work optimally, it is essential that we help each other along the way and that you also help out with tasks that fall outside of your normal work area.

An example is that at our festival you are automatically a Trash Hero. This means that you are part of the effort we make each year to beat the waste sorting percentage from the previous year. This means that no matter what team, area and tasks you have, you always help keep the area clean and inviting. Read more about our Trash Hero initiative and why we do not consider waste as waste, but as resources.

We expect you to respect our community and be able to take care of yourself in that community. Therefore, familiarize yourself with what PLAY NICE, a set of frameworks for how we all get a good festival together, means.

If you have questions about something, we always advise you to read our FAQ before writing to us. We receive many mails in one day, so the chance of you finding the answer faster in our FAQ is 99.9% certain.

We look forward to seeing you in Tusindårsskoven – LET’S PLAY!

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