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Trash Hero


We are well on our way, but…

We sort most of our trash at our festival, and much of the credit should be awarded to all our volunteer Trash Heroes associated with our Resource area. They stand side by side every year and struggle to beat the sorting percentage from the year before.

However, we will never be 100% satisfied until we manage to sort 100%. Therefore, we have to have even MORE focus on green sustainability, even MORE hands and heads on the task – we all need to be Trash Heroes and thereby ambassadors for sustainability. From area managers to team leaders to volunteers.

Let’s stand together for something greater than ourselves and help each other to help ourselves.

We have always flaunted that we are good at focusing on the green sustainability with most things we do. Not just for the sake of the globe, but also for your and our sake.

We always try to sort in as many fractions as possible and in such a way, that the trash can be recycled and come to life in a new form or in a new material. Trash is not just trash. Trash is resources!


Did you know that:

– All surplus food was donated to vulnerable people in 2017.

– 9 out of 10 mugs returned home in the form of deposit.

– All collected beer cans were washed in 2017 and recycled in 2018.

– Mineral water is almost completely removed from the festival’s range. Instead, we distribute nearly 6,000 free, recyclable water bottles, of which approximately 2,000 pcs. will be sold to guests so they can drink tap water rather than mineral water. We have eight ordinary tap water posts at the site for both guests and employees.

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