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The Community

At Tinderbox we have more than 5.000 volunteers helping us build Tinderbox from nothing to everything. We stand together – and help each other!


To provide a volunteer effort together with Tinderbox is an active choice. It is a professional and personal commitment you provide. As a volunteer you take on a responsibility for and together with Tinderbox, your volunteer coordinator, your team and your fellow voluntees. We are all counting on you, and you can count on us.

The best experience for you at Tinderbox is, down the road, one you create yourself. It is all about attitude and the ability to cooperate on many different levels. In return we promise you, amongst other, to give you something for your resumé, great music and the possibility to expand your network both professionally and personally.

As a NorthSider remember that you are, like all of us, the festivals public face. It is important that you, no matter job function, see yourself as a part of NorthSide and someone who provides good service to guests and fellow voluntees. To smile and to provide good service, also when crazy busy, is the best tool you have. To make everything work perfectly it is essential that we help each other, and that you are willing to lend a hand no matter if it is in your job description or not.

We expect, that you respect our community, and that you are able to care for yourself in it. Read our Rules of Engagement and our FAQ for volunteers at Tinderbox before your first shift. You can find almost everything worth knowing in these documents.

Where words fail,
music speaks.

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