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Camping at Funen’s Racing Stadium

Again in 2019 you can stay overnight at Tinderbox. The overnight stay is arranged together with Dalum IF and Funen’s Racing Stadium (Fyens Væddeløbsbane) and takes place on the race track in the Sanderum neighborhood close to the Tusindårsskoven.

The camp site at Funen’s Racing Stadium opens on Thursday 27 June at 9.00 am and closes on Sunday June 30 at 12.00 pm.

Dalum IF is responsible for the service at the camp site. It is not allowed to bring sound systems, sofas and more.



– A combined partout ticket and camp ticket, gives access to all three days at Tinderbox and for overnight stay at Funen’s Racing Stadium for one person. The ticket costs 2345 dkk + fee and can be purchased HERE.

– If you already have a partout ticket, you can buy a supplementary camp ticket for the camp site for 1 person. This is only valid with a valid partout ticket. The ticket costs 495 dkk + fee and can be purchased HERE.

A camp ticket gives access to one person. If you wish to share a tent with your friends, you each have to buy a camp ticket.

Camp tickets can be purchased here



The camp area at Funen’s Racing Stadium is intended as a service for the Tinderbox guests who potentially do not have other options regarding accommodation.

– It is therefore not allowed to bring music stereos, sofas, car batteries, etc.
– It is not allowed to bring any kind of weapon to the site. Violation of this will lead to immediate expulsion and police reporting. Tinderbox reserves the right to check baggage.
– There is zero tolerance for drugs of any kind. Trafficking and possession of drugs immediately leads to expulsion and police reporting.
– Never put your tent up on the access roads or paths. All pegs must be within the marked areas. Tents outside the marked areas will be taken down immediately.
– The use of open fire (including mosquito lights, candles, primus devices, torches, grills, etc.) is strictly prohibited.
– Sofas, refrigerators / freezers, generators, pavilions, tarpaulins, containers and the like must not be brought or placed on the camping grounds.
– Theft of private property is not covered by Tinderbox’s insurance. Theft, vandalism, fights, inappropriate as well as gross behavior will be reported to the police and will, as a starting point, result in immediate expulsion and cutting of wristbands.
– There is no access for cars (loading and unloading) on ​​the camp site.
– Pets are not allowed.
– It is not allowed to put up caravans or the like, only tents.
– Tent size: Tents must not exceed 16 m2.
– Access only possible when displaying a valid partout ticket and supplementary camp ticket or combined partout and camp ticket for Tinderbox 2019.

The address is: Prins Haralds Allé 51 B, 5250 Odense SV

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