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You might think, what is PLAY? To that, we can inform you, that PLAY is our new universe for you as a volunteer at Tinderbox.

In PLAY you can choose where and when you want to sign up as a volunteer. You collect points, for every shift you take. Then, you can use your points, for your desired ticket.

You can browse and take shifts based on task, day and time. This makes it possible for you, to put together your own schedule for the festival, so your shifts don’t clash with your mothers birthday, your exams, your favorite artist etc. If you’re quick to sign up, you can maybe even choose the same shifts as your friends. Read more about the shifts here.

It used to be, that you had to have a minimum of hours before you got your partout-ticket. In PLAY it’s all about points. Now, you choose, if you want shifts before, during or after – or if you want to mix it up a bit. All you have to do, is make sure you collect 3200 points to secure your partout ticket. Flexibility for the win 😎

You collect points for your shifts. Some shifts are easier or at a convenient time, while other shifts er tougher or at a later time of the day. Therefore, the points are distributed based on each individual shift. In the system you can get an overview of the amount of points you have collected – and can use in the point shop.

Once you’ve tailored your very own schedule, you choose what you want to use your points on – have you collected enough points for at partout ticket for NorthSide? As mentioned, you must collect 3200 points to get a partout ticket. However, you can take extra shifts and use your extra points on other loyalty benefits. In 2022 you can use the points, on good discount coupons for the bars. Eventually, more loyalty benefits will be available, so don’t hesitate to come back next year and check out what we have in store for you.

PLAY is your buddy, which makes it flexible, easier and more advantageous for you to sign up as a volunteer at Tinderbox.

We’re looking forward to welcome you, LET’S PLAY!


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