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Shifts & Tasks
Shift roster

Your closest manager makes the framework for your shift roster with days, times and number of volunteers per shift, but in most cases you can put together your own roster by choosing the shifts that suit you best.

On many teams, your roster is ready from the start. Some teams have a bit more difficulty making a roster early in the process, but don’t worry  – they will come, and you will get a message 🙂

Once your roster is made, you can select and / or see your shifts under “My Shifts” in RUBY.


Choice of shifts and tasks

There are a lot of tasks that you can help with as a volunteer at our festival. When you register as a volunteer, you can see a complete overview of available tasks and choose exactly what you most want to be a part of.

Below is a list of tasks (the full list can be found at registration):

– Work on sustainability in practice at Resource Warrior

– Meet our guests in the main entrance with the attachment of bracelets, visitation and of course a huge smile (Guest Greeter)

– Supervise and check bracelets in gates (Gatekeeper), take care of the audience at the concerts in the front zone (Crowd Keeper) or directing traffic (Traffic Conductor)

– Be a bit of a rescuer and step in on different teams when needed (SWAT)

– Setting up and removing stages (Stage Creator) or Stage Hand during the festival

– Build up elements at the site, set up fences, make signs, help with dismounting etc. (Site Creator or Mood Creator)

– Help out with our creative  experience area “SideShow”

… and much more 🙂

Shifts with a friend

In order for you to work together, it requires you to choose the same team and shifts.

You can add full name (s) to your friends in your registration, but be aware that if your closest manager has given you the opportunity to choose shifts yourself, then it is your own responsibility to take the same shifts as your friends 🙂

Swapping shifts

If you find yourself in need of swapping a shift, you need to contact your closest manager. You can find contact information for your closest manager in RUBY under “Teams & team leaders”.


Deposit/ Fee

Before you kan sign up for shifts as a volunteer, you have to make a deposit of kr. 300.

Please note that the kr. 300 is only a deposit, meaning you will of course get all kr. 300 back as long as you show up for your shifts, and respect how to PLAY NICE.


Why do I have to pay a deposit?

Unfortunately we are experiencing that some volunteers do not show up for their shifts, even though they have agreed upon helping Tinderbox for free access and other volunteer benefits. Their absence affects the other volunteers who shows up as promised and the job they are doing.

Furthermore we spend a lot of time recruiting new volunteers for the assignment where we all of a sudden are not able to deliver the promised workforce.


When will I get my deposit back?

If you show up on all your shifts, execute the agreed upon work tasks and respect how to PLAY NICE, you will of course get your deposit back after the festival. We will wire the money to the account you provided during your signup no later than one month after the festival – we will of course try to be as swift as possible.

NOTICE! Your deposit will be returned to the debit card you used when you paid the deposit. If you took a new card into use since then, the refund cannot happen automatically. In this case, please send your account information to asap.


If you a cancel as a volunteer before the cancellation deadline, you can write to us at – we will help you refund your deposit.

How can I risk losing my deposit?

Should you, against expectation, fail to show up for your shift and/or in any way disrespect how to PLAY NICE, you will lose your deposit. This also applies if you want to cancel your registration after the cancellation deadline.

We are aware that some of you at that time are still awaiting exam dates. The cancellation deadline is set as late as our production allows, and with only 2 1/2 weeks to execute Tinderbox, we need to be able to count on your help after that date. Therefore, you lose your deposit if you want to cancel your registration after June 10th – this applies regardless of the reason for the cancellation.

Our system doesn’t tell us if you cancel within the cancallation deadline. Therefore, please send an email to us at – we will help you refund your deposit.

If we don’t hear anything from you, we will refund your deposit after the festival.

Will I lose my deposit if I withdraw before the deadline of cancelation?

No, you will get your full deposit back if you cancel your registration before the cancellation deadline.


How do I pay my deposit?

You will automatically be asked to pay the deposit, when you register as a volunteer in RUBY.


An agreement is an agreement

There are, of course, many reasons why you may be prevented from showing up for your shift(s) and we can almost promise, that over time we have heard most of the reasons 😉 We are quite large – all you have to do is be kind towards your volunteer colleagues and comply with your promises and agreements.

We have no doubt that you know how to behave properly. Otherwise you can follow these simple guidelines:

– I do my volunteer work from start to end as agreed

– If I want to cancel my registration, I will do it within the deadline

– I will send a photo of my cut wristband if I get prevented

– I do not meet up on my shifts under the influence of alcohol/drugs and / or drink alcohol during my shifts. 

– I understand that if I don’t show up to my shifts, it affects the rest of my team


Read more about PLAY NICE.

Hours of effort
Hours of effort

During the festival, you have approximately 16 hours in total – often divided into 2 shifts over 2 days.

Before/after the festival, you have approximately 24 hours in total – often divided into 2 shifts over 2 days.

We make every effort to keep within the stated hours, but unexpected situations are part of the recipe when creating a festival for many thousands of people. Therefore, minor deviation may occur, which in worst case may mean that we ask you whether you could stay a little longer on your shift to help us. We hope that you will, if you can 🙂

Who is RUBY?

RUBY is the name of our ambassador universe, where all volunteers register to be part of the festival.

It is in RUBY that you register as a volunteer, see what tasks and shifts we offer, get knowledge about your tasks, your shift roster, your closest manager and much more.

It is also in RUBY that you can download your Access Pass when this is released.


You can find RUBY here.


Below you will find some help for self-help – if none of the below helps you, then you can always contact us at 


Help, I got a problem with my registration!

The most common problems are:


– You have not filled out all obligatory information correctly

Be especially aware that you have written your danish CPR number with hyphen, ie DDMMYY-XXXX. If something is red, it means that you have not filled it out correctly.


– Your cookies or your choice of browser obstructs you

First, try and close down your browser completely – all the windows (Command + Q on Mac), and try again.
If that doesn’t work, try a different browser – e.g Google Chrome if you have used Safari or Explorer so far.


Missing confirmation mail?

Before your registration is accepted by RUBY, you must confirm it. When you register as a volunteer, your e-mail address is the first thing you need to register. Then you will receive an e-mail with a link you must click on, to make sure that your registration has been received. When you click on the link, you can proceed.

If you do not receive this e-mail, please check if:

– it has landed in your spam folder

– your e-mail address is entered incorrectly

Help, I can't log in!

If you haven’t registered as volunteer yet, you have to register here

If you have registered and have to log in to your profile, you have to log in here

If it’s because you forgot your password, click “forgot your password?” and create a new one.


I would like to unregister

Before the cancellation deadline, you can unregister via your profile in RUBY. You will find the unregister-button below your profile picture.

Be aware that if you unregister via your profile, you can’t create a new profile, change task, get new shifts or the like.

After the cancellation deadline, you must contact your closest manager if you wish to unregister as a volunteer. You will find his/her contact information under ‘Teams & Team leaders’ in RUBY.

Please note that you will lose your deposit upon cancellation after the cancellation deadline.

Deadline of cancellation/ Mandatory registration
Deadline of cancellation/mandatory registration

If you need to cancel your registration before the cancellation deadline you ar able to do so via ‘my profile’ in the ambassador universe RUBY. Right below your profile picture.


Be aware – if you cancel your registration via your profile, you will not be able to create a new profile, change task, get new shifts or the like.


After the cancellation deadline you have to cancel your registration by writing to your closest manager. You can find your closest manager’s email under “my teams” in Ruby.

– If there is more than 48 hours until your first shift = by mail

– If there is less than 48 hours until your first shift = by phone.

Please note that your registration is binding after the cancellation deadline, and you will therefore lose your deposit at later cancellations.

We are aware that for some there can be challenges with the announcement of exam dates from various educational institutions before we have deadline for cancellation. Unfortunately, for production reasons, we are not able to take this into account.


Scenario: I only have one shift on Saturday, but unfortunately I have fallen ill on Saturday morning

Of course, we do not hope that this will happen to you. However, if you encounter the unfortunate situation, contact your closest manager by telephone. We are going to ask you to submit a doctor’s note, since you have actually got a “free” festival – it is not fair to the other volunteers who have managed their shifts 🙂

Guarantee of spot & Waiting list
Guarantee of spot

In your sign-up, if you are able to choose a work area/team where there are still spots available, you are guaranteed a spot as a volunteer at Tinderbox 2020, unless there is a breach of our Rules of Engagement at a later time. Immediately after your signup you will receive a mail confirming that you have completed your application, confirming your secured spot as a volunteer at Tinderbox 2020.

If you only had the chance to join our waiting list, you are not guaranteed a spot as a volunteer at Tinderbox 2020 until you hear from us.

Waiting list

If all our teams are filled up, you have the option of joining our waiting list. This is general and is considered as one large pool.

You are not guaranteed a spot as a volunteer at Tinderbox by being on our waiting list, and you are not able to have any influence on which team you want to be a part of. We select and allocate seats from the established requirements combined with your choice of periods of effort. This means that we do not select through “first in, first seated” and the more periods of effort you choose, the more opportunities there is for us to choose you.

If we put you on a team, you will receive an e-mail. Then you can login here and see which team we have allocated for you, as well as a contact to your volunteer coordinator/team leader.

Volunteering at a bar
Volunteering at a bar

The bars at Tinderbox are being manned by some of the student unions in Odense.

If you want to volunteer in a bar, you have to contact one of the unions.

Below is a list over the unions:

– Journalist Studiet SDU

– Medicin – & Biomek Revyen

– Negot SDU

– Pædagogstudiet UCL

– Studenterhuset Odense

– Syddanske Studerende

Access Pass & Check-in
Access Pass

We release your Access Pass for the festival after the cancellation deadline. You will find it available for download in RUBY under your profile. We will exchange your Access Pass for a partout wristband when you check into Volunteer Check-in.

We will point out when the Access Pass can be downloaded.


Volunteer Check-in takes place at Falen 177, The check-in, which is located just one way further out than the passage up to the Main Entrance. Follow the signs.

There is also a map on your Access Pass, where Volunteer Check-in is marked.

We will share information about Volunteer Check-in when the volunteer registration for Tinderbox 2020 is open.



The wristband is personal and is therefore put on your wrist at check-in. You cannot pick up your wristband without getting it on. If you work in the healthcare sector where you are not allowed to wear wristbands at work we just need to see some ID on this. Then you can cut it off and we will give you a new one when you come again 🙂

When you show up for your shifts, you must have checked in and picked up your wristband! So be sure to check-in in due time before your shifts.


Where should I enter the site?

To ensure that all volunteers on shift can enter the site fast and easy, we have provided an entrance specific for volunteers in the Main Entrance. However, this must only be used when you have shifts during the festival. If you are done with all your shifts when the festival begins, you must use the Main Entrance

We are many people who constantly have to go in and out, so be sure to use the two entrances correctly. This way, the flow will hopefully even out.


Food & Drinks
Food & Drinks

As a volunteer you get food while “on the job”. We cater vegetarians/vegans, but please bring your own food if you have allergies or special preferences.

We encourage you to always eat from home, regardless of when during the day your shift is located. You never know when the first eating break will be.

You are also welcome to bring extra food/snacks when you are on duty.

There is always free water, coffee and tea.

In “Hubben”, our volunteer area, you will find Volunteer Catering as well as a bar that offers reductions in the price of certain beverages.

You are not allowed to bring your own drinks. Neither with or without alcohol. Read more on how to PLAY NICE.


Wardrobe for volunteers is in extension of the public wardrobe close to the Main Entrance. Since everyone must have the opportunity to get a jacket and a smaller bag in the wardrobe, it is not possible to store suitcases, larger sport bags and the like.


There will be wardrobe options during the following periods:

– Thursday the 25th  of June from. 10:30 – 03:00

– Friday the 26th  of June from. 10:30 – 03:00

– Saturday the 27th of June from. 10:30 – 03:00


You must pick up your stuff in the wardrobe every night before closing time, otherwise it will end up in lost and found.


Wardrobe for volunteers costs DKK 10.00 per expedition per person.

Where am I going to sleep?

When you sign up as a volunteer, accomodation is NOT included in your partout wristband. Therefore, you need to take care of your own accomodation.

Again this year, it is possible to buy an additional ticket for accomodation at the Racecourse – there are only a limited number of additional tickets for this accommodation.

If you’re not one of the lucky ones, who got an additional ticket for accomodation at the Racecourse, then you need to explore the city’s accommodations yourself, for example. hotels, AirBnB and camping 🙂

Accomodation at the racing stadium

Again this year there will be a campsite near Tinderbox. The campsite will be organized by Dalum IF and Fyens Væddeløbsbane and will be placed at the racing stadium in the Sanderum district close to the festival site. The address is: Prins Haralds Allé 51 B, 5250 Odense SV

The campsite opens Thursday, June 25th at 9:00 am and closes on Sunday, June 28th at 12.00 pm.

At the campsite you can buy food and beverages, and there will be toilets and bath facilities, as well as parking. It will be a quiet place to stay for the Tinderbox audience, so it’s not allowed to bring sound systems, sofas and the likes. You can read more about what you bring to the campsite HERE.

Tickets for camping at TINDERBOX

Once you have ensured you a spot as a volunteer at Tinderbox, you can buy an additional ticket for accommodation at Fyens racing stadium for 1 person. This is only valid with a valid Access Pass. The ticket costs 495 kr. + fee.

An overnight ticket gives access to the tent site, for one person. If you have more to share a tent, you have to buy an overnight ticket.

There are only a limited number of accommodation tickets, so you need to be fast 😉

Tickets for the campsite can be purchased HERE.

Lost property
Lost & Found

If you lost something at Tinderbox and it was dropped off as lost and found, we will do everything to take good care of it.

During the build up and take down of Tinderbox, everything lost and found has to be handed in/picked up at Production Check-in on the festival site.

During Tinderbox everything lost and found has to be handed in/picked up at the Information placed in front of the main entrance. We will keep all lost and found until Tuesday June 30th at 12 pm.

After June 30th, we will hand over everything of value (wallets, phones, keys, cash, jewelry, bags etc.) to the police in Odense. All forms of clothing will after Tuesday June 30th be donated to charitable purposes.


All volunteers at Tinderbox are insured via the statutory workers’ compensation insurance. This covers bodily injury – but not personal things. For example, if you were to take your computer with you to Tinderbox, it is your responsibility. In addition, there is a liability insurance for organizers. This covers damage to a third party caused by the employee during the hours of effort. All damages are to be reported to your volunteer coordinator/team leader immediately.

Phone charging
Phone charging

You have the opportunity to charge your phone at VOLT during the festival. You will find VOLT to the right of the red scene down towards Magicbox.

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