Become a partner

Billedet viser en Tuborg-bar, da Tuborg er en af vores partnere.

A partnership with Tinderbox is an opportunity to reach new ground with your brand.

With Tinderbox you get no standard gold partnership packages. Instead, we collaborate close with our partners to tailor partnerships deals that create the most brand value for both parties.  

Purpose is king

Whether your partnership purpose is increased awareness, improved employer branding efforts, brand repositioning, community engagement or something else, we are ready to create just the right solution to meet the challenges you wish to solve. 

Creative solutions

We offer various branding, exposure and activation opportunities towards not only our many B2C festival guest, but also our many strong B2B customers. Moreover, we also have a wide array of exciting hospitality opportunities in our portfolio. 

Target group

With Tinderbox you will get access to a wide, well-educated target group with money to spend. A target group that reflects wide society trends when it comes to music and values.  A partnership with Tinderbox is access to a media channel that can reach a specific dedicated target group at the festival ground, but very much also an opportunity to reach a wider audience.


Communication, branding and partnership strategy

More than 10 years of communication and partnership experience from one of Denmark’s leading companies has provided our Partnership Manager Jesper Stubkier with a unique insight into how commercial partnerships can create value for companies and brands. With a strategic approach to partnerships, Jesper is the guy to contact, if you want to know more about how to strengthen your brand with NorthSide.

Sustainability and creative idea generation

As co-founder of Denmark’s first sustainability agency – long before this was really a thing in the business world – our Sustainability and Partnership Manager, Martin Thim has always been at the forefront of the sustainability agenda. After many years of consulting Tinderbox and NorthSide externally, he is now an integrated part of the team and uses his creative skills and deep sustainability knowledge to create partnerships that make a difference. 

Contact Martin if you want to know more about partnerships with a sustainable agenda. 

Hospitality and guest experiences

Bar owner and event manager Jonas Bäckström has his finger on the pulse when it comes to creating the best guest and hospitality experiences. As Group Sales Manager for Tinderbox he joins our business customers in putting together the experiences and packages that matches your specific company wishes.

Contact Jonas if you’d like to know more about our hospitality opportunities for colleagues, suppliers, customers or company guests.