• Saturday
  • 16:15 – 17:30
  • Magicbox

Shaquille grew up on a musical diet of funk, soul, jazz, disco and hip hop which made up his parent’s record collection after they fled South Africa during the apartheid in the late 70s and started a new life in Denmark. This rich record collection laid ground for the progressive DJ and producer’s modern mix of glittering house and disco. 

Shaquille aka Prom Night started out his career hosting disco and house parties as “Shaq” in the sweaty underground clubs of Copenhagen. Since then, his music has taken him outside of Denmark as well and seen him sharing stages with artists like Jayda G, Hunee, Mall Grab and Denis Sulta. 

When Prom Night lights up his dancefloor, it’s with the ambition of creating a space of diversity and inclusion just like the music he’s been inspired by have done throughout history for the LGBTQ+ movement and BIPOC.

During 2021, Prom Night has released several tracks including the single “Heat 84” that once more shows Shaquilles ability to bring the present into the past with his strong references to the 80’s Italo disco movement. 

Surrender yourself to the heat of the dancefloor when Prom Night is hosting a party at this year’s Magicbox!