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Introducing NoToNo: The New Organic House and Afro Tech Duo from Copenhagen, Denmark.

NoToNo is a fresh new musical collaboration between two talented artists, Bow Miller and Thomas Schulz. They first met at AfrikaBurn and were drawn together by their shared love of organic house and afro tech music, as well as their mutual passion for incorporating filmic elements into their music.

Bow Miller is an established DJ in Copenhagen, known for his innovative and eclectic mixes that blend together different genres and sounds. He brings a wealth of experience and creativity to NoToNo, and his unique perspective on music has been instrumental in shaping the band’s sound.

Thomas Schulz is a film composer who has worked on a number of successful film projects, bringing his cinematic sensibilities to the world of music. His background in film and electronic music has given him a keen ear for storytelling and a deep understanding of how to create an emotional impact through music. With NoToNo, he has found a new outlet for his creativity and a chance to explore new musical territory.

Together, Bow and Thomas create music that is blending together elements of organic house and afro tech with filmic soundscapes to create a sound that is entirely their own. Their debut EP is set to drop later this year, and audiences around the world are already eagerly anticipating the release.