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Joshwa was first introduced to electronic music by his dad who played him a compilation record filled with 90’s trance tracks in the car. The young soon-to-be artist was sold! 

However, it wasn’t just 90’s trance that got Joshwa hyped about music growing up and his love for American rap and R&B has also played a big part in shaping his characteristic sound. 

Joshwa already started producing in the early teenage years and saved up money from selling sweets at school to buy his first set of Gemini CDs. He taught himself how to produce and DJ from Youtube tutorials and music production forums, and today the hard work is paying off.

With his breakthrough-single “Energizer” from 2020, Joshwa kicked off a promising career backed up by the 2021 Ossey James-collaboration “Party’s Jumpin” as well as the following Le Foss collaboratio “My Humps” – and explosive tech house track sampling the immortal Black Eyed Peas banger.