• Thursday
  • 18:15 – 19:30
  • Red Stage

Denmark’s Jada isn’t just a truly amazing singer and songwriter. She’s also an icon, a role model, a girlfriend you can rely on. She’s your mirror, someone to cry with, someone to laugh with, someone to feel inspired by.

She entered the Danish music scene with a bang when she released her 2019 debut album, I Cry A Lot with tracks like “Clean love”, “Sure”, “Not Alone” and “Keep Cool” – fan favorites that earning her big praise from critics all over the country. In May 2022 her follow-up record Elements landed and once again offered hit after hit. Check out “Nudes”, “I’m Back” or “Don’t Say My Name And Forget It Again” if you want to know what we’re talking about. 

In other words, Jada is inarguably one of the biggest pop stars in Denmark right now. That’s not only because of her strong releases, but also thanks to her outstanding way of performing them. When Jada enters a stage, a very special sense of community appears between her and her thousands of fans. We’re talking goosebump guarantee here… 

If you want to know who everyone’s talking about in Denmark at the moment, turn up to Jada’s concert and experience her epic pop ballads, sensual R&B-gems, and catchy pop bangers at Tinderbox!

Jada will play Tinderbox on June 22nd, 2023.