• Friday
  • 23:00 – 23:45
  • Groovebox

Brooklyn Bounce, with DJ Dennis “Bonebreaker” Bohn and René “Diablo” Behrens, have become one of the most influential trance and techno acts over more than a decade: In total, they’ve sold 2.5 million singles and released eight albums! 

Their spectacular comeback with “Bass, Beats and Melody” in the year 2000 together with their 4th LP Restartwere the peak of the career – until now. Their latest releases such as the singles “Crazy”, “XIIX” and “Sex, Bass and Rock n’Roll” as well as the album “X-pect the Un-X-pected” caught up with their former success in many countries.

Brooklyn Bounce produces real pure club sound and has been symbolizing the German music export together with Scooter for more than 12 years now. The techno shows of Brooklyn Bounce, which are supported by sexy dancers, manifests that the duo stand for successful and extraordinary performances that are one of a kind.