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We invite you to become an ambassador for Tinderbox 2019! The ambassador programme is all about spreading the message about the festival and recruiting your friends and people in your own network to participate in the festival by selling tickets.

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You know what your friends like and can recommend just the right festival day.

By selling tickets to your friends, you earn points that can be used to buy tickets, merchandise and more! See here how

Earn points:
– 1 sold partout ticket earns 9,500 points
– 1 sold one-day ticket earns 6,000 points

Point pricing:
– #TB19 Partout Ticket: 57,000 points (max 3 per ambassador)
– #TB19 one-day Ticket: 36,000 points (max 3 per ambassador)
– #TB19 T-shirt: 38,000 points (max 2 per ambassador)
– #TB19 Tote bag: 38,000 points (max 2 per ambassador)
– #TB19 Hoodie: 47,500 points (max 2 per ambassador)
– Exclusive Backstage Tour for two persons: 237,500 points (Only 1 for sale)

The three best-selling ambassadors will also get a bonus reward.

Hotel accommodation for 2 during #TB19 + value card of DKK 600 which can be used at Tinderbox 2019

2nd most selling:
Value card of 400 DKK which can be used on Tinderbox 2019

3rd most selling:
Value card of 200 DKK which can be used on Tinderbox 2019

Do you want to be an ambassador for Tinderbox, help your friends and earn rewards?
NB! There’s a limited amount of ambassador tickets.
Read more and register here

Q – Where can I find contact information?
A – Ambassadors can find contact details on the dashboard when logged in. We can also be contacted at:

Q – Does it cost anything to become an ambassador?
A – No, it’s free to become an ambassador.

Q – When can I start selling?
A – You can start selling tickets as soon as you have created a profile.

Q – Where can I see how many tickets I have sold?
A – You can see your sales at the frontpage of the user profile under “Manage Sales”.

Q – Can my clients pay with cash?
A – No, customers can only pay by credit or debit card.

Q – How do I sell a ticket?
A – Click “Start Selling”. Then choose which type of ticket and the number of tickets the customer wants to buy and fill in customer information (name, phone number, email address).

Q – When will customers receive the tickets?
A – Customers receive the tickets from Ticketmaster within 10 days after receiving a ticket confirmation.

Q – What happens when I have completed the customer information?
A – The buyer will receive a payment link per. mail. The sale is not completed until the customer has completed the payment. As soon as the customer has paid, we will send a ticket confirmation.

Q – Can the mail with the ticket confirmation be used to enter the festival?
A – No, the ticket confirmation is not valid as a ticket. The customer must bring the actual ticket which they are sent in a separate mail from Ticketmaster.

Q – Can tickets be sold to a third party?
A – The buyer’s name will always be the name on the ticket, but the ticket will still be valid even if you give it away as a gift. You might, however, have to confirm your relation to the buyer at the entrance to the festival.

Q – How and when will I receive my reward?
A – Festival merchandise will not be awarded until we are closer to the festival. Point purchases will be sent before the start of the festival.

Q – Can I use a gift card to buy tickets via Verve?
A – No you can not use gift cards to buy tickets.

NOTE – We do not allow our ambassadors to ‘spam’ others, so remember to show consideration.

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